Killer Intent

I used to teach knife fighting but really, it was knife duelling. I no longer teach people how to use a knife under the mistaken belief that you need to know how it will be used to better defend against it. The truth is people who kill other people with knives just stab and slash as fast as they can. For them it is not about method, but mindset. They have the intent to kill their victim, not play or spar or challenge them. Kill.

The reality of knife on knife encounters is that both knifers will be seriously injured, perhaps fatally. It is short and it is brutal and vicious and not at all like they portray on the movies. There is no metallic ‘shick’ as the knife is drawn from the scabbard, that’s the Foley man’s job in post-production to add the sound effects. There may not even be much noise at all, but there will be a lot of blood.

Watch this video clip and consider the ferocity, the intense focus and single minded purpose of the knifer. Trying to stop him, unarmed, would be a major challenge. I would say the odds are you would get stabbed more than once. While this is a demonstration performed for a TV show, the speed and ferocity are real. This is how people get killed by angry, crazed knife wielding attackers. Not just once, but multiple times. Keep in mind the knife he is using has a relatively small blade, I would say no more than 4 or 5 inches (say 100mm), it is no Rambo Bowie or even the knife of choice for most murderers, the 8 inch Cook’s knife from the block in the kitchen but it gets the job done.

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