Heaven Six – Unarmed Knife Defense Method

StreetShield Basic Position

The Heaven Six Method is a homage to Guru Dan Inosanto, a martial arts milestone who used the term ‘Heaven Six’ to describe a double stick drill he was demonstrating. While a lot of my personal doctrine may differ in some ways with Guru Inosanto’s, the man inspired me to believe in myself through his inspirational and now classic book, “Absorb What Is Useful”.

The saying goes something along the lines of;  “Absorb what is useful, discard that which is useless and include all which is truly your own”. This knife defense method is not perfect but it has worked for me in real situations. It is more a mindset or way of thinking than a specific technique with the exception of ‘StreetShield’. StreetShield itself is merely a means of taking some control over the situation while ensuring maximum protection to your vital parts. Remember nothing is perfect, nothing is fool proof and I take no responsibility for any consequences of using anything you read on these pages or pages linked to these pages.

StreetSteel R.I.P.

(Rapid Instructional Program)

The Heaven Six Method

This method, or Concept can be applied to any Self Protection situation whether involving Edged Weapons or not.

1 Don’t Be There

If you don’t want to be attacked by sharks, don’t go swimming!  Stay away from known and obvious trouble spots.  Be aware and alert and avoid any situation or location where common sense tells you it is dangerous!

Improve your people skills!  Practising verbal de-escalation and conflict resolution is far better training than working on your empty hand disarming or first aid for sucking chest wounds!  Most conflicts are avoidable and if nothing else remember that no criminal will risk their skin preying on somebody they believe is switched on, aware and ready to resist!

Attitude + Awareness = Avoidance & Avoidance Works 100% of The Time!

Make Space! Simple, Effective, Reflexive Palm Off Response

2 Make Space!

Don’t be there when his stab or slash arrives where you used to be!  Jump, hop, spin, step…anything but just MOVE! The sooner you can move away the better! When you can, RUN! Run faster than him and never look back! The best time to run is BEFORE he turns on you!

Step in, away from the knife's arc

3 Build A Barrier

Put something between you and the weapon! Use the environment, parked cars, doors, trees, garbage bins!  Throw things at him!  Throw small things at his face to distract and larger things at his weapon hand to deflect or encumber.  Use coats, shoes, bags, coins, anything you can reach and pick up you can throw or use as a shield.

Build a barrier between you and the weapon even if it is made of empty space!  Distance is your friend!

4 Reflex Reactions

Instinctive, reflexive reactions can be used to push him away or push yourself away from him! Push HARD! Strike as you push – make him realise getting close to you will HURT!  Scream as you push, yell to summon your courage and to disturb his sense of domination!

5  StreetShield!

Protect your throat, heart and stomach with your arms.  Step in and away from his slash or thrust and STRIKE! Trap the weapon arm between the elbow and shoulder and DESTROY his ability to SEE, BREATHE, MOVE!  Once in close, ignore all else until you have destroyed his ability to function!

Body out of weapon's path, Redirect the weapon -

6  Whatever Works

Any technique you can think of – spit, yell, fall to your back and kick, punch his forearms, parry, block and strike, lean against a wall and kick!  This is where you apply the empty hand defences you may have been taught at some stage.  Be vicious! Be Ruthless! Be The Most Aggressive Animal In The Fight!

Street Survival

Stay Calm!

Decide NOW!  You Will Survive!

Tell Yourself Out Loud “I Will Survive!”

First Aid!

Stop The Bleeding!

Use Pressure Points, Elevation, Immobilisation.

If Heartbeat Irregular—Cough!

Seek Help & Get To A Hospital!

Street Legal

You can defend yourself, another person or property.

You can use reasonable force to do so.

You can strike first! Do not wait to be hit!

Neutralize The Delivery System!

If The Police Are Called

Supply correct name, address & date of birth.

Tell them you were in immediate fear of your life!

Tell them you will only make a statement with your solicitor present.

This is your right, not an admission of guilt.


Reality Check!

Men are twice as likely to face physical threat then women.

Women are four times more likely to face sexual assault then men. BUT!

Remember That In Any One Year

94.2% of Women Do Not Experience Violence of Any Kind!

89.2% of Men Do Not Experience Violence of Any Kind!

Australian Bureau of Statistics Data, 2006.

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