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Oh, Now They Call It Daish!

I have wondered for some time why that Islamic terrorist group is called by an English language title. ISIL/ISIS/IS. Now a few outlets are referring to it as ‘Daish’, as if to pay lip service to my social media posts asking why. I note it started as the Islamic State of iraq, Syria and the Levant. Then someone must have remembered the Levant includes Israel and as there is a good chance they are somehow behind the creation, funding, training and arming of this mob to destabilize the region to their benefit… they changed the name. I noted how ISIL never once threatened Israel in any way. Still haven’t. Huh? Every other Islamic terrorist group has sworn to blow Israel into the mediterranean, wipe them off the planet. But not ISIL . This does not make sense.

So they became ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Now just Islamic State. We know as fact the US have trained them when they were officially known as ‘moderate’ opponents of Assad in Syria. Moderate? Al Qaeda cut their ties with them for being too barbaric and vicious! Senator McCain has parleyed with them, so too John Kerry and others. We know the US supplied arms to Libyan ‘rebels’ to oust Gaddahfi after he tried to create an African IMF and their own currency as well as sell oil off the US ‘petro dollar’. Same reason Assad is copping it. The USA doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss about his alleged human rights violations. Never bothered them before. But he pals up with Putin and offers oil off the petrodollar and wham! Regime change is called for. Same reason the Ukraine is bubbling and Putin is being made out to be a demon. The US object to losing their petrodollar hegemony because their economy is built on FIAT currency (made up money) and debt.

Petrol is so cheap at the moment because the US and Saudi Arabia are playing games with supply. Hurting the Russians, sure. But they don’t care as it is cheaper than an all out hot war. IS are all Wahhabists, a Saudi centred Sunni sect of real nut jobs. So the Saudis fund IS who are upsetting Syria, a once stable, secular Arab state, but a threat to Israel and the US (via the petrodollar). Meanwhile, millions of ordinary people suffer. As always. The Turks could wipe IS off the map but instead buy their stolen oil. Since they pay with US petrodollars, the US doesn’t use its drones to wipe out the tankers delivering the oil over the Turkey-Syria-Iraq borders. Off course they can monitor these deliveries! If they can murder an entire wedding party in the Yemen with one Maverick missile, they can surely take out a tanker on one of the very few roads that can be used to smuggle the oil out on.

Make no mistake, we are being screwed over. Our own idiot PM, the Knob, loves to play lap dog to the yanks. Probably sees himself as a crusader fighting the evil moor. We are spending our tax dollars bombing people the Americans, Saudis and Israelis created so that their rich buggers can stay rich or get richer. Don’t swallow the Kool Aid, people. Even if there isn’t much we can do right now, at least let them know we aren’t stupid. We know what they are doing and we don’t like it, even if we can’t do much to stop them. Yet.

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