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A disturbing report today of a South African family brutally murdered by their gardener and domestic helper’s son. The details are gruesome and one can only begin to imagine the terror they endured before death mercifully took them. Having worked for a South African company in the past and once enjoying the help of a South African secretary, I must say I am saddened but not surprised by this report. The savagery of these murderers beggars belief but for them it is simply how they do things. The gangs roaming the streets of South African cities are bad enough, but these were trusted employees and relatives of employees. People who benefited from being employed by the people they killed.

One could argue this is what happens when 40 years of apartheid and a couple of hundred years of white minority rule ends. One of the smiling scumbags claimed it was in return for how they had been mistreated by the woman they raped and murdered. Nothing justifies what they did and I seriously doubt she treated them as badly as is often made out in film and story, the archetypal ‘Boer Mevrou’ hating and bastardizing the poor ‘kaffir’. We saw similar atrocities carried out by order of the government of Mugabe in neighbouring Zimbabwe and that country is a basketcase. But blacks suffer there as much as whites and the same is true in South Africa where the rape of black girls and women is about the worst in the world for numbers. The mentality of those ‘men’ means the woman is a second class citizen, a beast of burden, a receptacle. HIV/AIDs is used as a weapon, intentional infection is a game to some carriers. Don’t forget we get more and more African refugees in our country and there has been problems with some. Even documentaries showing groups of young men living together and virtually starving because they don’t have a female to cook for them. They don’t know how to cook and besides, it is beneath their dignity as proud men. Not to mention those who have experienced the horrors of war as impressed soldiers, some as young as 6. The problem is identifying the ones who are potential time bombs from the many decent, law abiding, respectful men and women seeking a better life here in Australia.

It is not a black-v-white thing because we read of similar atrocities committed on their own kind in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia and basically all over sub-Saharan Africa. Black Africa. So is it a post-colonial thing? Or is it an African thing? Living where I do it should be no surprise I know several black Africans from different countries, some have been through civil war and others came here as skilled migrants. All of them are wonderful people. Period. Bad is not a skin tone thing. No race has the monopoly of nasty. People are pretty nasty to each other all over the world, regardless of race but it seems in Africa many are still as we were a thousand years ago. By we, I mean Europeans. We were pretty nasty to each other, ruthless, savage and so on and the Catholic Church led the way, torturing and killing and stealing in the name of God! In Asia it was no different and the same for South and North America. It is within all of us to be bad, just some are worse than others and some don’t take much to kick off. William Golding wrote of this in ‘Lord of the Flies’ and further back Joseph Conrad had ‘Heart of Darkness’.

Yet there is no denying that it seems to be worse in Africa. Drowning a boy in boiling water! I have felt fear in my lifetime and once or twice I would say it came close to terror, but never actually got there. I have feared for my life but only once did I think I might die.  At times like those the mind will choose to make the body do one of three things: fight, flee or freeze. Armchair experts will second guess such situations and say what they would have done and how it would have worked and so on but the reality is there is no guarantee you will do what needs to be done to live. Even then, it might not work.

When the chips are down, we like to think we will rise to the occasion yet mostly we tend to fall back to the level of our training.

What have you trained your kids to do in an emergency? Have you taught them anything or do you hope emergencies will never happen to them? Just as bad people can be any religion, race, role or relation, emergencies do happen all the time. I once met a South African migrant, been in Sydney 18 hours and was looking to buy a car from me. He left his last car, a Mercedes, back in Johannesburg. Or rather he left it with the three bandits who pointed guns at him and his two daughters when they stopped to obey a traffic signal. They told him to get out of the car and they were going to take it and his two teenage girls or he would be shot. He told them they could have the car, his wallet and phone but they might as well shoot him now because he would not allow them to take his daughters while there was breath left in his body. As he told me this I could tell he was not making it up. I asked him when did that happen and he replied “about five hours before we got the plane here!” He was lucky they took the car and drove off. He got a taxi home with his girls, told the wife to pack a bag and grab the passports and they went to the airport. First flight out was to Singapore, then he transferred to a Sydney flight. He wasn’t even sure if they turned off the TV.

Amurricun Justice

A teenage girl in the USA is facing contempt of court charges, including a fine and 180 days in jail. She was sexually assaulted by two boys who pled guilty to the offence and then, frustrated by the lenient sentence after they plea bargained (an insidious aberration) she Tweeted their names. In doing so, she may be in contempt of the court. She knows she might go to jail and she is ready to do so to protect her rights and make a statement about the state of justice where she lives.

First of all, the so-called justice system in the USA is one based on profit. They have judges who are elected to office and therefore when they lose office, they and their staff are usually out of a job. They have sheriff’s elected to office, so they need to be seen to be ‘tough’ on crime to keep their jobs. They have more of their citizens incarcerated than any other country in the world, per head and in total. Lawyering there is a huge billion dollar business and they have corrupted their system to suit the bottom line. Their prisons are overcrowded and simply places to get raped or killed in rather than rehabilitated. Their racial relations make it a matter of survival that you gang up with your own kind or risk being isolated and eradicated. The guards are paid little better than minimum wage and you can’t expect them to do the professional job they do if their salary was the only benchmark. Like their military, the rich owners of the US don’t deserve the calibre of individual that serves and protects their well upholstered, disassociated asses.

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Click on the link below and invest three minutes of your life in getting at least one version of the truth. I love that line, “the only things the USA leads the world in is the number of people in prison, the number of people who believe in angels and the most amount of money spent on the military”.



Totally Unacceptable

How dare we? How dare we have the front to accuse Indonesian authorities of human rights abuse when we are just as guilty? Two teenagers, minors under our law, were arrested and incarcerated in Silverwater prison because they were crew members on a boat bringing asylum seekers to Australia. They allege sexual abuse and being held in cells where drug use was engaged in by other inmates. This is not right. Period!

We moan about Indonesian justice and the treatment of Australians charged with drug offences over there, then we break our own laws on the imprisonment of minors. All because we trusted a wrist x-ray procedure to determine the age of the boys. I wonder how their parents felt? Probably totally helpless and frustrated not to mention scared stiff for the safety of their children. I was serving in the Army Reserve at 15 (lied about my age) and the Regular Army at 16 (Army Apprentice) and I know teenagers are tougher than many think, but so what? What happened to these two was wrong and I tend to accept their claims on face value if only because it is on par with the incompetent handling of the whole asylum seeker issue by the authorities.

We seem to think we are somehow morally and socially superior to other nations, it seems to me. Our media and government officials bemoan the Indonesian justice system and much of the criticism is well founded. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Before you criticise your neighbour, make damned sure your own house is in order. I could cliche on for paragraph after paragraph but the point is made.

Prime Minister Gillard, this is not good enough. It is totally unacceptable and we should all hang our heads in shame, or at least keep our gobs shut next time we read of some drug runner copping the death sentence for breaking the laws of our neighbours. They are sovereign nations and we don’t like it when they criticise us and in this case, they have every right to do so. While some might scream about stopping our foreign aid they should remember that the however many millions of dollars mentioned actually buy Australian goods and services and provide them to the country, not cash for the most part.

Our government signed the UN Agreement on asylum seekers and so we must obey it. I hate the queue jumpers who have thousand of dollars to put down to hop aboard a boat but the fact remains, other countries process far more asylum seekers in weeks, even days while we stuff it up over many months. I have a plan to manage these matters much more humanely, effectively and above all else, at minimal cost to the tax payer that will result in happy, healthy and assimilated new Australians. Click on ‘Project Clancy’ to read more. Meanwhile, spare a thought how you would feel were it your teenage sons held in an Indonesian gaol. Last year that happened to a Newcastle boy stupid enough to buy marijuana in Bali and the Indonesians acted far more appropriately than we have in this matter.

Unicorns & Rainbows

How soft are we, as a society, getting? I mean really, outrage over some idiot standing on a whale carcass? An ‘offence’ worthy of a fine of $32,000 and/or a prison sentence? I could punch your mother in the throat and get less! What about the young woman punched in the face and given a black eye in Perth the other day? I bet her attacker, if caught, faces little more than a fine or community service and a slap on the wrist. Where are our priorities?

The bloke surfing on the dead whale is only doing what man has done since time began, posing with the kill. OK, he didn’t hunt it and kill it nor will he feed his clan with it but the instinct is still within us. What this says is that we, as a society, are getting softer and softer. Those who look in at us will shake their heads and wonder what all our fuss is about. I’m talking those asylum seekers fleeing a society that sells off its kids for loans to grow and harvest opium, then expects us in the West to fund their lives to the tune of $250 million a year from Australia alone. Meanwhile we rescue asylum seekers off a sinking boat just 38 kilometres off the Indonesian coast, bring them to Christmas Island and send the Royal Flying Doctor to transport two of them to Perth at a staggering $124K a time. Then there is a third that needs a flight only this time we put them on a 737 with two crew and a nurse and guard just hours before a scheduled flight left the island!

But no, none of this is as important as some pinhead posing on a dead whale. Talk about going soft! It’s all unicorns and rainbows and let’s hug the bad out of them. I need a bucket!

Heil Bieber

I just watched the Justin Bieber free concert down at Circular Quay. I tuned in to see thousands of arms raised in nazi-like salutes, only they were holding their mobile phones up, video recording the concert. I can only think there are now some 2,500You Tub clips of a smudge on stage and a lousy sound track of a simple song sung by a simple lad hoping his voice doesn’t break at the wrong time. Thank gawd he got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle. Not that we can say that for copycat Jack Vidgen, winner of one of the multitude of talent shows infesting our airwaves at present. Jack and his hair recently appeared at our local venue, the Rooty Hill RSL club. The notice board had been advertising his July 14 appearance for over 6 weeks and still was when I drove past on the 17th. Someone thinks he’s bigger than I do. Same for Bieber. I bet they held up their cell phones for him, too. The first incidence of this was at Woodstock in 1968, then for Yoko Ono in Toronto in 1969 when the crowd were asked to light up matches to welcome her Plastic Ono Band on stage. After Bic released their lighters in 1973 it was burnt thumbs for everybody and today, cell phone videos. Of course there is a rumour Apple have developed an app to shut down any iPhones being used to record concerts, so the promoters can sell the DVD of the performance, of course. Hey, I would always prefer a free, crappy, fuzzy cell phone recording over buying a high quality digital version….

I’m sure both lads are nice people and both are being well managed to make someone a motza, Hopefully they get their fair share. I noticed how the young girls of today carry on just as those in the 1930s did over Bing Crosby, 1940s with Frank Sinatra, 50s and Elvis Presley, 60s and the Beatles, 70s and Bay City Rollers, 80s and INXS, 90s and INSERT NAME OF BOY BAND, ANY BOY BAND and the 2000s and … I lost track. Sorry but I m 50 and no longer care about popular music, I never listen to it. I remember the music of my teens and twenties best, we all do. It was influential and formative. But I never went ga-ga over the performers; that is a teen chick thing. Must be down to the hormones.

The point is, don’t blame Justin, or his shadow Jack. They are just the latest thing in a line of bread and circuses going back before Nero played with matches. As someone said to me once, ‘you can never underestimate the lack of good taste in the average citizen’ and who teenage girls get gooey over and reality TV is the living proof. I take great pride in boasting my teenage daughter and the four sub-teens are as non-plussed over Justin et al as I am. They also share my views on imaginary friends and mythical supernatural omnipotent icons. Now is that nature or nurture?

Whatever Happened To ‘Don’t Be Evil?’

Today I came head to head with American capitalist monopoly might when I tried to once again have Google comply with the law of this land and most others and remove copyright material belonging to me from a blog hosted by them. They refuse, citing freedom of speech and how it doesn’t infringe their policies. Well it infringes mine. What I hate the most is how they are so big and powerful and like most American corporations want to be the biggest and the only show in town so they can rip you off as they please. Read all about some of their evil behaviour here, then think how they are doing this to all of us little people. Talk about disassociated, disconnected and basically evil! When you make billions I guess you begin to think you do own the world and we are here to dance to your tune.

Getting upset and frustrated is not the answer, nor is sending letter bombs or flying small planes into the building. The victory is only of any use if you live to enjoy it and not spend the rest of your life in a cell or worse, die for your cause. You need to realise bringing them down isn’t the answer or the objective and that getting a little justice, just a tad of a fair go, is all you want. Don’t let these things rule and ruin your life. In the grand scheme of things I don’t care enough to get upset what this sociopath says about me or if he steals my photos and uses them to get his rocks off. He is a sad, pathetic individual with a lot of issues and I feel sorry for the people who love him, who too often suffer far more than his victims and targets. I am a target, by the way. Not a victim. To claim victim status would mean he has succeeded when he hasn’t. Not by a long chalk. He is the real issue here, Google are merely an ignorant, giant American sore on the bum of the world, really. They once had a catch phrase, ‘don’t be evil’ but the reality is, they are. They sold out when they went into China, I believe. Agreed to the Chinese government’s demands of censoring their people’s use of the search engine just so they could cash in on this huge market. That’s capitalism for you. We need to accept that we don’t have any real control over these huge corporations, no matter what we like to think or are led to believe.

I think there is a connection between the big corporations, the mindset of their CEOs and owners and the way they treat the little people like you and me, the 99%. I think Google is a very good example of this and my experience with them to date has only underlined this. I fully expect my Adsense account to be frozen and my money there kept, my PayPal account to follow suit,my web sites blocked and ranked so poorly they are never found and so on. That is the price of free speech when you are a little guy. When you are a big guy, you rarely even know the little guys are complaining. Here’s what happened to me today:

Google refuse to remove copyright infringed images on a blog they host. They refuse to remove defamatory and incorrect content citing it is against their policies and spouting about freedom of speech. After trying to use their online system to request removal and getting nowhere, I called the Sydney Google office (9374 4000 or +61-2-9374 4000 international). After hearing the usual recorded press 1 now rubbish, I pressed 8 which got me Emma the receptionist. I asked to be put through to legal and she said I had to send her an email which she would pass on.

I asked to speak to her manager and she said her manager trained her to say this and will say the same thing. She then says she tried to put me through but her manager wasn’t picking up. I asked for her managers name and she replied Google Policy didn’t allow her to give me that. Nor could she tell me the name of the legal people either. No names in fact, except hers and I wonder if it is her real name?

I asked her if she was comfortable working for a company with such policies, it all seemed so secret and uber powerful over us untermenschen. She assured me she was comfortable indeed. Basically the only line of communication offered by this monolith is to send an email to and they promise, cross their hearts, to pass it on. After that, if you get no reply what can you do? You can only do the same thing again and again and hope for a different result. Something Einstein said was the definition of stupidity.

I will be quoting Dow Jones-v-Gutnick, er… google it!

I fully expect my Adsense account to be frozen and all funds within it disappear, as happened to a colleague last month. He is off to the USA to demand his money back, over ten grand!

Taliban? Not Necessarily

These images have been released showing an alleged execution by the Taliban of a woman accused of adultery. Taken from a video, we in Australia are denied the original in case it upsets us and we need counselling, sue the news paper or agency for the distress etc. Hence we get a very watered down view of real life. If they choose what we see, why not accept they choose what we are told?

I have my doubts this is a Taliban execution. If the woman is accused of committing adultery with a Taliban leader and she is the wife of a Taliban insurgent… what happened to the Taliban leader? I thought under their medieval Sharia Law he cops it too, at least to some degree. Something doesn’t ring true here and perhaps the Taliban spokesman referred to int he report is telling the truth. I would think if they did this they would boast about it and also what they did to their commander who was also involved. They would need to do this to maintain morale and loyalty because if the men thought while they were away on jihad their commanders could schlep their wives and then have her executed, pretty soon things would change. Taliban would turn and fight for the government, maybe even take out a few commanders before they left.

This smells of a disinformation campaign to me. I think it is designed to stir up hatred of the Taliban on the one side and foment dissent within their ranks on the other. Who knows, it might work and if it it claims a few more of the mongrels, all the better. Just so long as we never make the mistake of thinking the Taliban are stupid, far from it. They are brave, resourceful and cunning. They have leveraged the new technology (ironically created by the infidels they despise) from the beginning, using the internet and blogs to radicalize young Muslim men everywhere, particularly in the UK. One can think less of their motives and methods, but don’t underestimate them or their resolve. Imagine how many more casualties we would be suffering were they equipped like our troops with helicopters, fast air and other assets.

If any of you are wondering how we can still spend billions over there and our government claim there is barely enough to cover the next politicians payrise, keep in mind the trillions of dollars of resources and minerals that lie under the soil of that far flung country. The US government have surveyed the country and conservatively guess there is US$3 trillion worth of minerals to be had. Well worth spending a few billion to secure the place and beat the Chinese to them. We are talking things like the stuff they put in computer and cell phone batteries and it is advances in battery technology in particular that has helped improve the quantum rate at which technology moves ahead these days. Next time you punch in the request for facebook on your iPhone, spare a thought for that woman in the photos. And our troops. Lest We Forget.

Hug Your Kids

A toddler in the UK fell onto a pencil and had it lodged in her brain through the eye socket. Fortunately the eye was not damaged and the pencil was removed in a four hour operation. Forget running with scissors, this is a pencil! I know the pen is mightier than the sword but I think in this case, the child is very lucky to not be dead or permanently disabled. The child’s mother is a nursery nurse and knew enough to not try and remove the pencil. I can only begin to imagine her distress and the distress of the child. Keeping the kid from grabbing at the pencil would have been a job and a half. I have five girls, including one who is 2 and I know how we felt when she caught her toe in the treadmill and lost some skin.

I have also been dead and brought back to life by the skill of a surgical team made up of dedicated professionals like the one that saved this little girl’s life. Those people don’t accept almost, nearly or close enough. They go for 100% each and every time they scrub up. If anyone deserves to make $75 million dollars a year like Tom Cruise allegedly did in 2011, it is people like these and not actors and artists,no matter how talented. Definitely not politicians and certainly not people who inherit their wealth through the exploitation of the resources and mineral wealth that belongs to the nation.

Let’s keep things in perspective, people. Next time you watch some asinine un-reality show, think of the people who are really talented, really dedicated and really making a difference to the quality of all our lives. We can’t all be surgeons and theatre nurses, ambulance officers and even hospital catering and cleaners as all play a vital part. But we can be aware that losing weight, fixing up old houses, dancing singing, cooking and behaving badly on camera are not the pinnacles of human achievement.

Go home, hug your kids, hope they never need brain surgery and try and keep them away from the glass toilet in the lounge room. Remember, just because they call it ‘free-to-air’ doesn’t mean it is worth airing.

Can You Spell Disconnected? II

While my aged pensioner parents struggle on a pension of about $400 a week for the pair of them after a lifetime of service, including 27 years with the Colours and never paying less than a quarter of their income back to the government in tax, politicians get more money. This is a disgrace and a travesty and every politician that takes the money should hang their heads in shame! The people you are supposed to represent in parliament are suffering while you get further and further away from reality, cushioned by huge salaries and privileges.

That arrogant, self-righteous, pompous ass of an idiot, Graham Richardson, claims pollies deserve it. He has so little respect for the average Australian he uses the spurious excuse of “There are 25-year-old kids walking around in merchant banks these days earning $300,000 a year.” to justify this recent hike. The second this year! Richardson you pill! Show me a 25 year old making $300,000 in a merchant bank. Then show me another and stop calling grown people ‘kids’. At 25 I had already served my country for seven years… what did you do other than crawl up the butt of some Labor Party lawyer and start feathering your own nest at our expense.

The Prime minister now gets $495,430 p.a. plus all the perks of office and we know she will ‘salary sacrifice’ most of her income into her super fund so she doesn’t pay income tax on it. Of course unlike everyone else in the country, politicians can access their superannuation long before they come close to retirement age! Don’t be surprised, they planned it that way, it is all a game to them. The game of politics, which they claim is rough and nasty, is also very lucrative and they know it. They get to lord it over the people they are supposed to represent, yet rarely do unless the cause suits them and their party.

A backbencher will now make $190,550 a year and that drip feed gone wrong Richardson says they should get $250-300K. Why? Because those are the salaries of disconnected people in private enterprise? OK, but in private enterprise if you don’t sell, you go broke. All pollies have to do is raise taxes or invent a new one like the Carbon Tax gouge. They don’t have to be successful or even accountable, just ask Peter Garrett and the families of the four who died in his mismanaged travesty with roof insulation. If you are useless, you get a new job because you may be an idiot but you are a connected idiot. Not connected to the real world but the make believe one politicians float around in. All of them.

Greens leader Christine Milne criticised the decision, but is she handing the extra money back? I don’t think she did back in March when they got the first back hander. C’mon Milne, show some leadership and refuse the money! Don’t take it and give it to charity, that is not the point. Save the taxpayer a motza and make the pollies refuse this rise! This independent remuneration tribunal is a joke. It is an escape clause set up by pollies so they can swear blind they don’t want the money but they have to take it as it is policy and besides, it was an independent tribunal and all. Give me a break!

We are all doing it tough except for the disconnecteds like Rineheart and her $2million an hour income and you politicians who she manipulates. You are an evil lot, enjoying the tax payer’s largesse while telling us there is no money for aged pensions, single mums or even our defence forces. You squander billions on failed political points scoring you call policies and we suffer. Term in, term out. It has always been so and I guess, short of a revolution, always will be. But then if we revolt, who do we replace you with? Better the devil you  know and all that. All I ask is that you acknowledge, even if only to your reflection in one of those four in the morning moments we all have; they know! We know. We, the people know. We know you are lying, thieving, egotistical, inept, corrupt and downright selfish bastards but I guess someone has to do the job and most of us are above it. Go on, piss off. I’ve had enough of you stenching up my blog. It’s not as if this will make any difference whatsoever, right?

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