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Two Way ‘Mirror’ Test

I was sent this by a colleague and I have to say it might just save someone’s life one day. We have all seen those TV cop shows where the prisoner is interrogated behind a two way mirror, or is that a one way piece of glass? I can never be sure but you know what I mean. You can see in the room but the prisoner can’t see out.

Genuine Mirror

Two Way Mirror

Well it seems that there are cases (mostly in the USA, where else!) of perverts fitting two way mirrors in the rest rooms of gas stations and even their private homes. You go in and do your business,but not in private as the sicko is watching, or filming, through the two way mirror. So how can you tell if it is a real one way mirror or a two way? Simple (aren’t most things?) Put your finger against the glass and if the mirror image touches with no gap between them, it is a real mirror.If there is a gap, then it is a two way mirror. The gap equates to the thickness of the glass. Go on, try it. I know you are dieing to. Just remember, next time you go into a public restroom, to the test and say to yourself, “No space? Leave the Place!”

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