Youngest Rapists Convicted

Recently in the UK two boys, now 10 and 11, were convicted of attempted rape of an 8 year old girl. Both boys were 10 when they committed their crimes and so were old enough to be judged as being responsible and aware they were doing wrong. I believe children know right from wrong, especially if their parents teach them properly when much younger but the law is adamant that 10 is the number.

The case might open the whole question of how these matters are tried, how old children should be to be considered criminally responsible and so on. What I wonder, after reading the report on the matter, is where the boys got the idea from? I knew right from wrong when I was much younger than 10, but I had no idea of sexual intercourse at 10. But then I wasn’t bombarded with it like kids are today.

Television, DVDs, Youtube, internet, advertising and other forms of media all have different standards of what is appropriate for children to be exposed to today than in the 1960s and early 1970s. But we can’t lay the blame squarely at the feet of the media, or their puppets, the government. The blame belongs with the parents.

Parents seem incapable of instilling discipline and self respect in their children. This is because they don’t lead by example. Their own standards of language, dress and behaviour are simply slack. This is a result of societal changes that no longer place value on certain qualities and traits. It is, though, a by-product of our shedding many outdated and oppressive  social mores.

As with most things, once the pendulum swings the other way it can swing too far before it swings back. It will return and hopefully the next generation will instil better standards, albeit adapted and altered accordingly for modern technology and our contemporary communities.

Kids are sponges. They absorb everything and that includes the bad stuff we adults do and say. Sooner or later the sponge gets squeezed for some reason and out come the bad things. Like playing mummies and daddies…

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