You Have To Wonder Sometimes

Mummy Lets Me Play Spacemen At The Mall

I often wonder about how people survive various life threatening situations but I confess I wonder more about how many of my fellow humans actually make it to their own deaths. Stupidity is merely the quality control software for the gene pool. It kicks off the Idiot Filter and has it skim the surface every now and then so we don’t take too many of our dumber brothers and sisters into another breeding cycle.

Take the woman in the photo for example. I confess I borrowed that photo from a terrific website that despite a couple of emails I didn’t actually get the ok back to use the photo. So I figured if I give them the credit for the shot and a link back they won’t set the picture police onto me. If they ask, of course I’ll remove the thing from here but really, it is simply too demonstrative of my point to not take the risk. I mean… purleeeeeze!

How can anyone who has reached voting age and no doubt brought more human life into this world do this? Who in their right mind would allow a small child to wear a plastic bag, spaceman like, while they push them around a shop in a cart? The sad thing is that woman is considered legally responsible enough to vote, breed and drive on the roads and most likely own a firearm. The only good thing from my point of view is that she is in the USA and not Australia. But we have our share of home grown idiots, don’t you worry.

Safety is mostly common sense yet as we can see here, it mightn’t be all that common. A really simple formula for not having to resolve dangerous situations is to not get into them in the first place. She only needs to be distracted for a few seconds for the boy to suddenly come into difficulties and asphyxiate. He might even simply ‘nod off’ without any struggle or fuss and by the time she turns back to him he is beyond resuscitation. Even if he is successfully brought back to life he might suffer permanent brain damage. And that would leave him as dumb, if not dumber than her. Frightening.

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