Workplace Deaths – Killer Whales And Tigers

In February a trainer at Florida’s Sea World was killed by a Killer Whale (Orca) after her show. Apparently she lay down too close to the whale and her pony tail fell into the water. Curious, the whale grabbed the ponytail in its teeth and started to play with it. She was dragged around by the whale and died before other trainers could rescue her. A simple mistake she paid for with her life. The Avenue of Harm? Nature. Yet it is also a case of workplace ‘violence’ and safety.

Not something we usually think of when it comes to workplace safety however the trainer was at work and she did lose her life. Just today there is a report of a zoo keeper in Shanghai killed by a tiger. Apparently he forgot to lock the cage. Simple mistakes like that do get you killed. Again, it happened in his place of work and it was via the Nature Avenue of Harm.

Where do you work? What do you do? How could you die at work today?

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