Why Am I Not Surprised?

A Christian minister finds a valuable bracelet in a carpark. Hands it in to the Police and after two months it becomes his property as the owner was never found. I doubt the police bothered to look because the minister had no trouble doing so. In fact it was the jeweller he took it to for valuation who found an engraved code and tracked down the owner. Now the Rev wants the owner to make an insurance claim and give him half the payout and he is happy to return it to her. How very generous and perfectly legal. The Reverend was a lawyer (why does this not surprise me?) and is within his rights. Forget doing the decent thing, he wants the money.

Why do we hold religious officers up to a higher standard of moral behaviour? The church (name one, they are all the same in every religion)are business entities. They make vast amounts of money and always have. One way to be rich and powerful is to rule and be stronger than anyone else by force of arms; the other is to control the masses through superstition and myth, in other words create a religion and get people to believe their lives depend on doing as they are told. To achieve this it helps if you set your officers on pedestals. Why do the words pederast and pedestal sound so similar, I wonder?

Make no mistake religions are big money. L. Ron Hubbard said if you want tog et rich quick, start your own religion and he started the wack job known as the Church of Scientology… or rather his fans did as he always denied starting it. Hahaha. The Catholic CHurch Inc is huge in insurance, mostly re-insuring the big insurers. Given their exemption from ‘Acts of God’ it is a joke, don’t you think? Why do religious businesses get tax free status? We lose billions because of this and it doesn’t reflect what is put back into the community.

Make no mistake, there are many genuine, wonderful people who believe in the tenets of their faith and live their lives accordingly. There are, however, far too many who are just nasty, greedy little shits hiding behind pious BS. People like the piece of work in the news story are, in my opinion… nah, better not. I’m sure the pricks would sue.

UPDATE: 1 July 2013 After the media splashed this around the Reverend’s church had graffiti daubed on its walls and a brick through a window. The clergyman has returned the bracelet and now seeks forgiveness for his ‘wrong-thinking’. The more cynical among us might feel this wouldn’t have been the outcome had the matter not become public knowledge and that, like those who ‘get religion’ in prison just before they are up for parole, this is a convenient coincidence. As his apologetic relative says, he made a mistake, one mistake. Well, he made one we all know of, now. If you want to hold yourself up as being a leader of the community, someone who says their beliefs are the truth and so forth then you need to not make such mistakes. I’m glad the matter was resolved and the bracelet returned.

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