Totally Unacceptable

How dare we? How dare we have the front to accuse Indonesian authorities of human rights abuse when we are just as guilty? Two teenagers, minors under our law, were arrested and incarcerated in Silverwater prison because they were crew members on a boat bringing asylum seekers to Australia. They allege sexual abuse and being held in cells where drug use was engaged in by other inmates. This is not right. Period!

We moan about Indonesian justice and the treatment of Australians charged with drug offences over there, then we break our own laws on the imprisonment of minors. All because we trusted a wrist x-ray procedure to determine the age of the boys. I wonder how their parents felt? Probably totally helpless and frustrated not to mention scared stiff for the safety of their children. I was serving in the Army Reserve at 15 (lied about my age) and the Regular Army at 16 (Army Apprentice) and I know teenagers are tougher than many think, but so what? What happened to these two was wrong and I tend to accept their claims on face value if only because it is on par with the incompetent handling of the whole asylum seeker issue by the authorities.

We seem to think we are somehow morally and socially superior to other nations, it seems to me. Our media and government officials bemoan the Indonesian justice system and much of the criticism is well founded. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Before you criticise your neighbour, make damned sure your own house is in order. I could cliche on for paragraph after paragraph but the point is made.

Prime Minister Gillard, this is not good enough. It is totally unacceptable and we should all hang our heads in shame, or at least keep our gobs shut next time we read of some drug runner copping the death sentence for breaking the laws of our neighbours. They are sovereign nations and we don’t like it when they criticise us and in this case, they have every right to do so. While some might scream about stopping our foreign aid they should remember that the however many millions of dollars mentioned actually buy Australian goods and services and provide them to the country, not cash for the most part.

Our government signed the UN Agreement on asylum seekers and so we must obey it. I hate the queue jumpers who have thousand of dollars to put down to hop aboard a boat but the fact remains, other countries process far more asylum seekers in weeks, even days while we stuff it up over many months. I have a plan to manage these matters much more humanely, effectively and above all else, at minimal cost to the tax payer that will result in happy, healthy and assimilated new Australians. Click on ‘Project Clancy’ to read more. Meanwhile, spare a thought how you would feel were it your teenage sons held in an Indonesian gaol. Last year that happened to a Newcastle boy stupid enough to buy marijuana in Bali and the Indonesians acted far more appropriately than we have in this matter.

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