The Trifecta Of Stupid

Customer returned the Slow Cooker because it "Takes too long..."

If you ever wonder how anyone can be so dumb as to (insert dumb thing), think again. The sad reality is that the average IQ in Australia is 98. As that is the average, that means there are a lot of people far lower on the IQ scale than 98. In a lot of countries it is much lower. I am always quick to point out that IQ and common sense are rarely related but sometimes the intelligence quotient of the individual does have a lot to do with why they do some pretty stupid things.

Take the photo of this electric appliance. My wife found this on the shelf at our local K-Mart. Someone had returned the Slow Cooker they had purchased because, as it states on the yellow ticket as the reason for the markdown “Takes too long…” Whoever bought it must have been¬† on the stupid pills for a week. It is a slow cooker, it is designed to cook things slowly. I wonder what the person does for a job, heaven forbid they are in charge of anything on the public roads.

Few people listen to what they are being told. They hear, but they don’t listen, they don’t pay attention and actually comprehend what it is they were just told. They might then go on and do something very much not what was asked of them simply because they interpreted the instructions to suit themselves. In many cases this can be amusing, often hilarious but it can also be time consuming, frustrating and sadly, all too often harmful, even lethal.

What is really scary is that people like the slow cooker returnee can enjoy the trifecta of stupid. They vote, they breed and they drive on the roads. That is really scary.

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