The Trifecta of Stupid III

Could This Be The Erudite Peter Coleman?

I just received this comment in response to one of my posts (The Trifecta of Stupid II) 

“you must be on drugs nearly every crime is committed by some black piece of shit , if these non white vermin were deported Australia would be a paradise , whey dont you be a man and stand up , licking the arse of niggers and jews and poofers just shows how gutless you are in wanting to crawl to what is politically correct
what a crawling piece of shit you are you fat piece of nigger loving shit”

I was surprised that the person commenting used what seemed to be his real name, Peter Cxxxxxx (fullname was supplied), and his real email address, <>. I suspected someone was using their name and address so before going any further with this, I offered Mr Cxxxxxx the opportunity to confirm or deny he wrote this. As the content of his post may possibly contravene laws in Australia regarding the inciting of racial hatred and so forth, I felt it the responsible thing to do to point this out and give him the chance to withdraw his post. My email to him was:

“Mr Cxxxxxx,
did you really send this to my blog and if so, do you want me to publish it? I am happy to do so and will include your email address and name so others may have the right of reply, directly. I might point out that your comment is in contravention of the laws regarding the inciting of racial hatred and vilification and might result in your being investigated by the AFP.
  {I inserted his post here}
While I appreciate feedback and accept constructive criticism, I don’t think your post is anything other than vitriolic cant. However, we are all entitled to our opinions. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours I will go ahead and publish your comment as requested.”

In under half an hour he replied with this:

“a free e mail address , did u spend all your money on bargirls in Asia has 10 totals after its name and cant afford real e mail address a group of druggies do something and it thinks its something to do with generation y your problem is you cant get a woman and u want to take it out on everyone  else you picked the wrong person to threaten ,”

Quickly followed by:

“just as I thought a gutless sniveller, oh im going to publish your e mail and address, look fat boy take your hair receding head and go to the Philippines where you have a chance of buying a woman ,  ha ha what a joke you snivelling weakling”

I replied with:

“Mr Cxxxxxx, I don’t make threats, I take action. I was merely informing you what I would be doing as your comment is in violation of the law regarding racial vilification and so forth. I have no idea why you feel so threatened by my post, obviously there are issues you have to deal with in that regard.
Feel free to come and see me and repeat your remarks to my receding hairline and that is not a threat, it is an invitation. Perhaps if you were to discuss this matter in a rational, civilised manner you might learn something of the issues, yourself and of me.
His reply?

“then report me , and while your at it buy a e mail address and some free advice re business ,  it has been proven in business that people react better to non ugly people , so get rid of your photo ,im not a coward like you that needs to crawl and be politically correct or threaten people with the few readers of his web sitemaybe u should go back to the Philippines where you can be the big white man and they don’t notice you have a free e mail address , strange that u say something is illegal and then u choose to publish it ,,, weird”

I was having so much fun I wrote back:

“It is not illegal for me to reprint what you wrote, merely for you to utter it. I could be wrong on the legalities and be judged an accessory or something. I do know that such racial hatred and homophobia is often indicative of bigger issues and you should know my tolerance for those suffering mental illnesses is higher than most. I have never considered myself politically correct, except where political correctness is applied to give a fair and even handling to a matter or issue.

Beauty is subjective and I don’t personally rate men by their appearance,  not my thing but you are welcome to your idiosyncracies. Very often homophobia is actually a fear of oneself being homosexual and this, of course, explains the anger and hatred displayed towards homosexuals. I will leave my photo there as a way of standing by what I write, my opinions and so forth. I don’t know what the problem is with the ‘free email address’ you seem to have. Do you sell email addresses for a living, perhaps?

I forgive you  your trespasses against me  and I wish the best. I can tell from the poor standard of your written expression and your word choice you are to be pitied rather than pilloried. I might remove the post and save you the embarrassment etc.


He has just responded with:

“yes fear of having your house being broken into must be a fear of being dishonest as well , I could not stand to be fat and ugly with hair going  but u are not alone there , the Philippines is the place for u , they show more attention to the ugly ones as they can get more money out of them ,Embarrassment,, u certainly chose the wrong person ,ive already told u to do what you like free e mail is the certain tip off to poverty no matter how many fake letters after a name”

I will let Mr Cxxxxxx have the last word then and I won’t bother replying as it won’t make any difference to him or his attitudes. I have no idea, yet, why he feels so strongly about my position as stated in the post. I think his vitriolic outburst tells us more about him than it could ever say about his opinion of me. What I find so galling is his inability to spell, compose a decent sentence or do anything other than rant. Obviously he has issues and these no doubt stem from his childhood.
Actually, Peter Cxxxxxx runs a Militaria Shop online, not far from my place in cyber terms. I left a message on his mobile and perhaps he will call me back and explain, or just abuse me. His choice. I must say I spent an enjoyable half hour looking at the collectibles (mostly WW2 German) he has for sale and if those prices are any indication, I have enough stuff in my family collection to pay off my house. My mother’s side of the family are German and I have a ton of stuff handed down from my Grandfather who was a card carrying Nazi. As they say, you can’t pick your relatives but I wonder if Opa and Mr Cxxxxxx would get on?
You see, for a three digit member number with the NSDAP and a member of the S.A., or Brownshirts, Opa was actually transferred from duty in a concentration camp for refusing to carry out orders he considered against German Army Regulations… and for sharing his bread ration with prisoners. While Mr Cxxxxxx makes his living buying and selling relics and curios of the Nazi’s, my Opa was one, after a fashion. He and his wife hid a Jewish family in their garden shed for two years until one cold winter’s Sunday in 1944 they took food to them only to find they had left in the night. That family were their friends, the father had served with Opa in WW1 and helped them during the Great Depression and Opa never let his friends down, whatever their religion. I think Opa would not think much of Mr Cxxxxxx and his opinions. He believed in a strong Germany, but not at the expense of basic human compassion and doing what was right.

Bloke in the brown shirt with the mustache… Actually Opa is right in front of the swastika, Berlin 1932. I wonder what his uniforms and papers would be worth today? I might see if Mr Cxxxxxx would give me a good price, then I’d donate the money to the Sydney Holocaust Museum!

You can’t defend the indefensible and the Holocaust not only happened, it was an abomination and better men and women than me or Mr Cxxxxxx fought against it, on all sides, too many paying the ultimate price. Sadly there is still such prejudice and hatred in this world for those who are not the same as ourselves. I have counted as my friends and comrades ‘niggers, jews and poofters’ and proudly served my country alongside men and women Mr Cxxxxxx doesn’t, in my opinion, deserve to stand in the same country as. The beautiful thing about this nation of ours, is that he is allowed to stand here, to hold his opinions and even, I guess, to express them. I know what Opa would have said, but I doubt I can print that!

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