The Trifecta of Stupid II

This woman in New Jersey, USA (where else) is accused of endangering her 5 year old daughter by taking her into a tanning booth. She denies the charge and of course, despite the fact she looks like Al Jolson’s sister, she is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But really, take a look at this woman. She says she loves tanning. OK, but why the aversion to mirrors? I mean has she seen herself lately? I know, I am being judgmental, but we all are. We discriminate, too. Every time we choose coffee over tea or chicken instead of the beef we discriminate. We can’t choose everything and the fact we are offered choices only perpetuates the discrimination we exercise. Yet isn’t discrimination a bad thing?

Perhaps it is, at least when we discriminate for the wrong reasons. But who decides which reasons are good and which are bad? Keep in mind we make our choices based on a number of things, one of which is our culture and societal programming. To some people in our community it is OK to treat women like goods or providers of services, to have them wear clothing that positions them in the hierarchy of their social group and so on. Then we have those who want to be brown and brown people who want to be white, like the late Michael Jackson and millions of women in the Philippines and India. Skin whitening cream is the biggest seller in pharmacies in both countries. Some kind of insecurity throwback to colonial days, I guess and not something I think they need. Especially not now, in the 21st Century, the time of the emergence of BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. A move away from the Anglo-centric world of previous centuries.

I think the face of Australia has changed, but many still expect to see an Anglo-Celtic face on billboards and in ads on TV or in magazines, despite a quick peak at the platform of any railway station at peak hour, at least in Sydney or Melbourne, will show we have a lot more brown faces standing next to the white ones. We have some ‘yellow’ faces for want of a more PC hue for those Asiatic people not quite white and not quite brown, with some very black ones here and there, too. Of course there will be some teething problems and adjustments to be made on all sides but we have always done that From adjusting to having white people landing on shores owned by aboriginal people, to free settlers among our convict originals to those from Europe before and after the World Wars to later waves from South East Asia and lately, from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa and everywhere else. We adjust, they adjust and eventually we change and grow. But not everyone.

Yesterday some of our nation’s finest used a chainsaw to defend their decision to annoy everyone else in the street with their loud music and dangerous driving. When questioned their attitude was typically bogan, or yobbo or whatever term you wish to use. On the other hand, there was a tragic murder suicide involving a migrant family. The point is, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. There is good and bad in every ethnic community, religion, racial group or however you want to divide us up and analyse us. None of this excuses the Trifecta of Stupid. The scary thing about these people, no matter who they are, where they live, where they came from or what colour their skin is…. they can vote, breed and drive on the roads. You can’t stop them doing any of the three, so the best thing is to not be a part of the problem. Open your mind, think outside the envelope and accept that we live in a society made up of very different people from very different origins and that is our strength.  So ask yourself a few simple questions. Who did you vote for? How are your kids being brought up? How good a driver are you, really? Ignorance is based on fear, usually of the unknown. Knowledge dispels fear so educate yourself. Think about that, then find someone with a different skin tone and say G’Day! Find out that behind that skin tone there is a human being, more alike than different to you. You never know, you might make a friend.

2 Responses to “The Trifecta of Stupid II”

  • I love your justification for being judgmental. Of course we are, and more people need to be (but for purposes of doing good, of course). Thanks for an always interesting and thought provoking website!

  • PETER:

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