The Idiot Filter Skims The Gene Pool Once Again

Another senseless, avoidable tragedy

I’m sorry, I know I sound callous, heartless and critical but sometimes the stupidity of some people just astounds me. Here we have six teenagers drowning in front of their families in Louisiana, USA. None of them could swim. None of their family can swim. Yet they not only go for a BBQ next to a river, but they wade in the thing! This is a stretch of water that has 6m drop offs!

Why can’t they swim? Why can’t any of them swim? Why did they go and not for the first time, to the river when none of them can swim? It is a tragedy, no doubt but what is truly tragic is that these people are either so dumb, so ignorant or so complacent that they just didn’t think, did they?

Every country in the world has their share of dumb citizens. These ones come from the most technologically advanced country on the planet, the USA. How can anyone there, especially those living close to rivers or oceans, reach High School and not be able to swim? My kids are all learning at the moment. The eldest can already swim but I don’t want her left out and she is improving. The others range in age from 2 to just turned 7 so high time they learned. The baby will learn next year. Surely the ability to swim is a basic life skill (BLS)?

BLS’s include swimming, self defence, driving, riding, sailing, managing money, personal well-being, first aid and leadership. Every human being should know how to swim, drive a car or ride a motorbike, ride a horse, sail a small boat, give first aid and look after their finances and health. As well they need to know about managing themselves (self-disicpline) and other people.

Personal well being includes being able to cook, sew, iron, launder and dress appropriately for the weather and the situation. Common sense skills that sadly few kids are properly taught. Perhaps their parents simply expect they will acquire the skills they need ‘along the way’. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. My kids will because I teach them what they need to know to enjoy their lives.

As for the sad victims of that drowning tragedy, as harsh as it sounds, I put it down to the Idiot Filter, skimming the top of the Gene Pool. Sometimes we have to shock people into doing what is right for their own good so if anyone reading this takes offense, I’ll wear that. So long as you take notice and make sure, before you cast your first stone at me, your house is in order and at the very least your loved ones can swim.

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