Taliban? Not Necessarily

These images have been released showing an alleged execution by the Taliban of a woman accused of adultery. Taken from a video, we in Australia are denied the original in case it upsets us and we need counselling, sue the news paper or agency for the distress etc. Hence we get a very watered down view of real life. If they choose what we see, why not accept they choose what we are told?

I have my doubts this is a Taliban execution. If the woman is accused of committing adultery with a Taliban leader and she is the wife of a Taliban insurgent… what happened to the Taliban leader? I thought under their medieval Sharia Law he cops it too, at least to some degree. Something doesn’t ring true here and perhaps the Taliban spokesman referred to int he report is telling the truth. I would think if they did this they would boast about it and also what they did to their commander who was also involved. They would need to do this to maintain morale and loyalty because if the men thought while they were away on jihad their commanders could schlep their wives and then have her executed, pretty soon things would change. Taliban would turn and fight for the government, maybe even take out a few commanders before they left.

This smells of a disinformation campaign to me. I think it is designed to stir up hatred of the Taliban on the one side and foment dissent within their ranks on the other. Who knows, it might work and if it it claims a few more of the mongrels, all the better. Just so long as we never make the mistake of thinking the Taliban are stupid, far from it. They are brave, resourceful and cunning. They have leveraged the new technology (ironically created by the infidels they despise) from the beginning, using the internet and blogs to radicalize young Muslim men everywhere, particularly in the UK. One can think less of their motives and methods, but don’t underestimate them or their resolve. Imagine how many more casualties we would be suffering were they equipped like our troops with helicopters, fast air and other assets.

If any of you are wondering how we can still spend billions over there and our government claim there is barely enough to cover the next politicians payrise, keep in mind the trillions of dollars of resources and minerals that lie under the soil of that far flung country. The US government have surveyed the country and conservatively guess there is US$3 trillion worth of minerals to be had. Well worth spending a few billion to secure the place and beat the Chinese to them. We are talking things like the stuff they put in computer and cell phone batteries and it is advances in battery technology in particular that has helped improve the quantum rate at which technology moves ahead these days. Next time you punch in the request for facebook on your iPhone, spare a thought for that woman in the photos. And our troops. Lest We Forget.

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