Superglue Blinds Woman

An elderly woman who had previously had a cataract operation accidentally put superglue into her eye thinking it was her eye ointment. The tube of superglue is very similar in look and feel to her ointment. Fortunately she was able to have her predicament resolved by emergency medical treatment but she could easily have been left blinded. She is the most recent victim but not the only one. In 2005 a Thai Buddhist monk, aged 81, made the same mistake.

Then there are the prank playing kids and other fools who mess around with superglue near their eyes and other body orifices on purpose.  It is like an eye ointment tube in size and shape and easily confused. I once mistakenly gave ear drops to a soldier who needed eye drops as they were in identical bottles and the writing had worn off due to the rough conditions the section first aid kit had endured. We knew right away something was wrong and washed it out asap but it still caused pain and discomfort and potentially could have blinded him.

According to the official Super Glue website, things aren’t as permanent as the media reports would like us to fear. Eyelids will come apart in 1-4 days  and even if it gets on the eyeball it will dissolve in a few days after some weeping (and no doubt gnashing of teeth!).  Acetone such as that found in nail polish remover is the stuff to use, very carefully. We have small children in the home (lots of them!) and I am always very careful with chemicals, toxins and corrosives and glues, paints, oils etc. Like most things, prevention is better than cure.

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