Stiletto Heels 2 – Eyes 0

In the UK a 17 year old ‘ladette’ on a binge drinking session pushed a 34 year old woman to the floor and stamped on her face twice with her stiletto heel. She caused the woman’s optic nerve to snap, leaving her blinded for life in one eye and suffering anxiety and panic attacks. The attacker, jailed for 33 months, will have her baby behind bars in a month or so’s time.

This is yet another example of how vicious and dangerous the female of the species, particularly the 15 to 25 group, can be. Do not underestimate the danger of these vicious sluts. The large amounts of alcohol consumed by young people in the UK and elsewhere is a serious social problem, but not a new one. In the mid 18th century the alcoholism among the poor in London was a major factor in shaping the policy of transportation which led to the founding of the colony at Port Jackson (Sydney).

Here in Sydney we have a similar problem but not to the extent it is in England. The message is clear: Stay away from the places that serve alcohol until dawn unless you wish to risk becoming involved in violence and potentially lethal arguments over nothing. It reminds me of the ephibephobia (fear of youth) that was engendered by Anthony Burgess’s novel, ‘A Clockwork Orange’. (1963) While Kubrick’s movie a decade or so later missed out on the final chapter where the protagonist realised the error of his ways and renounced violence, it was nonetheless a damning indictment of how young adults and teens can become lethal savages.

William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ was another literary example of how we humans can resort to very primal beasts if the circumstances allow the breakdown of the thin facade of civilized behaviour we normally present. Why we think girls are any less savage than boys I don’t know. It is wishful thinking that may have held some veracity at one time, but women have always been the crueller of the species.

While a man will often feel some compassion for his opponent once he has neutralized the risk he presents, not so the woman. The native North Americans would hand the prisoners over to the women for torture as they were far better at keeping them in agony for as long as possible. No pity and a quick death from them, they wrought their revenge and I can understand this. After all, the women were the ones that suffered the most when the men fought, especially if their men lost. Payback is a very base human instinct.

But they had a reason behind their cruelty. Not so these vicious, spiteful spoilt bitches or their equally waste of space boyfriends. Is it a generational thing? Do we blame the parents? Is it the fault of society and consumerism and instant gratification at light speed thanks to technology outpacing cultural change? What do you think?

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