Stiletto Heels 1 Eyes 0

A UK woman has kicked her boyfriend in the eye while wearing high heel shoes. The 3 inch heel penetrated the eye and went into the brain causing serious injury. She was drunk at the time and in the back of a Taxi. Arguing with her boyfriend who was in the front, he turned to say more and she kicked him in the eye. End of argument.

The stiletto heel is a deadly weapon. According to Jack Greens’ 2003 book ‘The Physics Fact Book’, a stiletto heel exerts the same force as an elephant standing on one foot! The shod foot is also considered by many judges to be a deadly weapon though usually by weight of footwear clubbing someone to death. This piercing injury is particularly nasty as it went through his left eye (I presume that is now useless) and into his brain. Frightening.

Years ago I assisted a police officer who was being assaulted by a woman with a stiletto heeled shoe while everyone else on my bus just gawped. I guess they didn’t realise how dangerous the attack was for the poor copper. I have also seen blokes put the boot in after their victim has fallen and it is brutal and sickening to watch. More so when for whatever reason you are powerless to intervene.

Make no mistake the foot and the shoe have claimed more than their fair share of victims. Recent data from the UK showed that most deaths by violence were caused by the victim copping a good kicking from one or more attackers. This tells me that going to the ground and trying to cover up is not a viable tactic. Far better to retain your upright stance and if down, get back on your feet as soon as you can.

When I was a teenager in the 1970s Kung Fu had just taken off but it was still considered cowardly to kick during a schoolyard scrap. That old school thinking is no longer valid and probably never was of much use outside the schoolyard at any time in history. Today, more than ever, you need to be alert and aware. And if you are going to have a few drinks, try and pick a partner who handles their booze at least as well as you do, preferably better.

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