Shame, Shame, Shame!

It seems very clear to me that once again Uncle Sam (the Great Satan according to some) is coercing governments to do as it demands through sheer size and power. This time it is the UK who are pandering to the US government by threatening to invade Ecuadorean sovereign territory, their Embassy in London. All to get Julian Assange so he can be sent to Sweden to answer spurious charges, but really so the US can extradite him. Then they will charge him with treason and espionage (not sure how he can be treasonous as he is not an American) because he was one of several in charge of Wikileaks and they posted the emails given to them by a US informant. Espionage? All he did was republish emails someone else stole. Maybe they can charge him with handling stolen goods but that doesn’t carry the death penalty.

Assange didn’t act alone, others were in charge at Wikileaks but Assange is the public figure and the one they can grab. Perhaps if the US government hadn’t sent those emails they wouldn’t be embarrassed by them. Perhaps if they had managed the actual informant better and so on and on but no, they have to chase Assange. He is an Australian citizen but of course our government will do nothing but what the US tells them to do. It matters not which party is in government, they both play the game the same way and they too have had their dirty laundry aired in public by Wikileaks.

I don’t agree that military information should have been released because it could easily result in lives being lost in action. I don’t think Wikileaks should rely on this idea that the public need to know. While I have no illusions that politics is a dirty game at all levels and both domestically and internationally, that is the way it is. Leaking this data won’t change that, it just might change the names on the payroll as new takers for the public largesse move into the vacated offices. I’m not about putting one’s head in the sand and hoping it will all go away, I just don’t think wholesale publication is the best course of action to generate change and so on. But that doesn’t make it right to hunt down Assange or to threaten a sovereign nation.

Ecuador, good for you for standing up to these bullies. The British century was the 19th, the American century was the 20th. The 21st Century, ironically enough in part due to technological advances created by Britons and Americans, is for the non-Anglo world. The BRICS and the little guys. I don’t see this ending well for Assange and of course, the US and those governments that toe their line will rely on the people getting bored and forgetting the real reasons if they ever gave them any thought. No doubt if anyone actually reads this blog, my head is on the chopping block too. Such is life.

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