Same Sex Same Old Same Old

Personally I don’t care if two blokes or two sheilas want to get married; none of my business. Or is it? The whole same sex marriage debate is a political hot potato at the moment. The idea of a plebiscite versus a vote in parliament is a debate unto itself. At first I was all for the vote, after all, what did we elect them for if not to do this kind of thing. Then I heard arguments from those who wanted their say in the changing of a law that is fundamental to our society and its makeup. OK, fair enough, even if the majority of those wanting to vote seem to want to vote against other people being able to do what they already can. They seem, in the main, to be opposed to same sex marriage on religious grounds, as if their religion matters to me or anyone else not of their persuasion.

No it seems we now have the poor relation to a plebiscite… a postal plebiscite! Non-compulsory and like the full blown plebiscite… the government doesn’t have to obey the will of the masses! So what’s the point other than justice being seen to be done and all that? Isn’t that enough? If you think about it, same sex couples have been able to legally partner up as de facto couples for donkeys years, so why the big deal about the word, ‘marriage’? I can only think it is because that is the current, socially accepted title for union. Anything else doesn’t have the same authority and power and could be construed as sending the message that same sex people are lesser in value or somehow not as good as heterosexual couples. I wouldn’t think that but I can see how they think some would.

I do wonder about the real agenda here. Our society has been progressively ‘lefted’ in recent decades. We have identity politics and gender politics and race politics thrown at us constantly. Coupled with the PC brigade usurping all our words and telling us we can no longer use them for the meanings we have always used them for and it all gets a bit tiring. Diversity is another issue. I agree diversity is a good thing but… only if it does not mean a diverse range of white people, right? Especially not males, heterosexuals and particularly Anglo-Saxons. You can have five Africans, each from a very diverse cultural background and that is fine but if you have an Englishman, an Irishman, A Scotsman and a Pole… that is racist. I refuse to cringe or cower because I am who I am and had no say in that. It’s like gay pride… I don;t get it. What is there to be proud of? I ask that because if one can be proud of something then obversely one can be ashamed of the same thing and why should anyone be ashamed their sexual orientation is what it is. Again, like nationality, ethnicity and gender… you had no say in it. It was not a choice so no need to be ashamed and similarly, nothing to be proud of, either.

When we have the USA pre-positioning troops in over a hundred countries around the world, bombing anyone who needs a bit of freedom and basically invading sovereign nations at will, the question of whether two people in love should or should not marry isn’t that big a deal. Except to those two people, of course. Like I said, none of my business. I’m not about to divorce my wife, turn homosexual and marry another bloke. If two men or two women marry each other, how does that affect me and my life? But if the USA keeps throwing its weight around to further advance the business interests of the corporate fascists running our world… that might have more of an affect on my life than two people of the same gender saying “I do”.

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