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On the news the other night was a report that looked at ‘good samaritans’ in Australia today. One of these was a young man who stepped in to stop his friend from getting into a fight. In the process he tripped and sprained his ankle. A few days later he was dead from complications brought on by the injury to the ankle. It happens. Totally out of the blue, unexpected and something you can’t foresee or prepare against specifically.

Life is still not 100% guaranteed safe. It is a risky proposition for all of us and some more than others. Modern living is such that we switch off and forget that there is risk around us all the time. We shouldn’t live in fear, but neither should we live in ignorance and pretend nothing will ever happen we can’t handle with the push of a button or the payment of a fee.

Some among us seem to have a death wish and push the envelope even more than most. A lot of that can be put down to a lack of common sense, or less unkindly, not applying common sense to the immediate issue. Not thinking before doing.

While we can’t plan for every possible eventuality, we can switch on the brain and be more aware of what is going on around us. Be more aware of what is happening in our own lives and right in front (and behind) us this very minute. How many people do you know who are forever running late, forgetting things, missing or losing items and playing constant catch up?

You can change the direction of your life and improve your enjoyment of it by simply thinking ahead. Being aware of what, where, when, who, why and how. Taking an interest in your community, your environment and your fellow humans (and animals). Too many seem to crash from crises to crises in their lives and haven’t a clue what happened or how they got there. Don’t  be one of these out of control types.

Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts. This means being aware of the words you choose and the thoughts they help form. Think. Switch On! Plan ahead and be positive. Be a protagonist not a victim. Make things happen. Thus endeth the lecture.

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