Hand To Hand Combat

Enjoy this video made by my good friend and old comrade, Rob Gear. Rob was a Military Police Warrant Officer, served over 20 years and was responsible for developing training for MPs in Close Quarter Combat. Rob also trained 3,000 Cambodian Police recruits while serving there with the UN. He has worked with the French Foreign Legion, Germany’s GSG9, the SAS and as a civilian was a bodyguard to several leading Australian and international identities. Today he is involved with the martial arts and self defence instruction. Rob handles the ‘hard’ side of the industry while I like to think I take care of the ‘soft’ side.

Be warned, Rob is the ‘Real Deal’. He doesn’t mess about and the material he presents here is lethal, fight stopping stuff. H2H is not about minimum force. It is maximum force applied massively and no apologies offered. If you are in the situation where these techniques are needed then you don’t want to waste time wondering if you are going to get into trouble doing them. You’re already in all the trouble you will ever want to have!

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  • AppSecMan:

    I have trained with Rob gear back in 2006 and 2007 on several of his specialised courses. This video shows the intensity experienced during training, it’s awesome. Remember, this is a demonstration of techniques designed to show to movement clearly without the complication of pure combat. Just think how fast, how powerful and definitive this method is during full flight. Dynamic, fast, big hits, definite finishes – awesome

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