Rest In Peace, Olga Moskalyova

Incredible as it sounds, a young Russian woman was eaten alive by bears and called her mother on her mobile phone while it was happening. The mother bear killed her stepfather, then chased her and knocked her down. She managed to call her mother on her cell phone and described how the bear came back with her three cubs and continued to eat Olga. Her story is chilling and very disturbing, but it happened. It was a tragic example of one of the Avenues of Harm – Nature, that we so often forget. We are so desensitized by television and wildlife documentaries we forget these are, indeed, wild animals. It is nothing personal for them, a matter of survival but none the less horrific or tragic.

One can only begin to imagine the sheer terror she experienced until shock set in and she would have become calm. She states she no longer felt any pain, but to have suffered for so long is truly tragic. What is so very touching and speaks so much for the character of the young lady is that she asked her mother to forgive her for any sins she may have committed. I’m sure she was a good daughter and a lovely human being and along with her stepfather, will be sadly missed. As disturbing as this story is, I have published it here for two reasons. First, so that we all remember that nature is not a theme park, it is dangerous and it can take your life. Second, that while Olga Moskalyova died alone, she is not forgotten and her death should stand to remind us all of how precious life is. Go and hug your kids.


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