Proof It Is A Cruel, Unfair World #1

OK, now we expect weird things to come out of the United States, especially California but sometimes the cringe factor is great enough for me to feel like making a comment. Here we have this woman, an heiress (which means she did nothing do earn the money other than be genetically fortunate) who dies leaving US$3 million to her dog. She also leaves her mansion and US$27 million to her staff so they can look after the dog for the rest of its life. Methinks it will be a shorter one than the average Chihuahua could expect. Unless the mansion life is so good they keep the poor pooch on a life support machine two decades from now. Meanwhile they still have the twenty seven mill to share.

Along comes the estranged son (why are they always estranged? Is there any family in the US that isn’t dysfunctional?) and he is upset about the measly million mommy left him and will contest the will. He reckons the staff manipulated mommy into making the will she did. Gee, do you think?

My point is that nobody deserves to have thirty million clams to waste on their dog and employees when there are far more deserving causes in the world. Surely just in the next town there would have to be a poor family with a very ill child screaming for money for medical treatment in that country where unless you are employed (with benefits!) or rich for goodness sake don;t get sick. Without money in the world’s richest nation you are a nobody. In fact you are to be feared for the risk you pose to the hard earned dollars of the ones fortunate enough never to have known bad luck or poverty.

Sorry, I love the US, its my favourite vacation destination. I have many American friends who are generous to a fault but overall there is no way I would want to be a part of that society. There were some good ideas at the start but in the past 234 years they have gone off the rails. But it is not ‘Americans’ as such but the fact that the society allowed the free expression of human nature long before others have thrown off the chains of decency and good manners.

We see it more and more in Europe and in the emerging economies of India and China where new money is making massive paradigm shifts in the social psyche. People in China, used to the idea the State will provide find that with the improved material wealth of a capitalist economy comes the insecurity and the have and have not factor multiplied far greater than when it was just the party apparatchiks that enjoyed the perks of good living. The bottom line is we have men going postal and murdering dozens in kindegartens then killing themselves because they can’t cope with change.

The USA had its century, the 20th, Great Britain arguably the 19th. Now China, India, Russia and Brazil among others will have theirs. Whereas these countries were once either lawless or ruled with an iron fist, they will see increased crime as the gap between the haves and the have nots widens, just as it will in the US as more and more people join the have nots. One result of this could be a change in the social order  with people banding together and demanding a fairer distribution of the riches. In some countries this will happen peacefully, in others after much bloodshed. In the interim, we will start to read of behaviour akin to the deceased heiress happening in countries where until recently people still knew (and many still do) the pain of going to bed hungry at night. Every night. Actually there are plenty in the USA tonight who will fall asleep with empty bellies. But not the chihuahua in Florida.

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