Real Estate – Real People, Real Risks

There are many occupations that require attendance at the home of the client, often after hours and all too often alone. Sales professionals often pitch to potential clients in their own home. Carpet and kitchen estimators, insurance salespeople and MLM or network marketers regularly find themselves in someone else’s home, after hours. While there is always a risk involved of the client becoming aggressive or belligerent in some way, by far the most risk would have to be faced by real estate agents, many of whom are women.

Realtors are often alone in the homes of their clients with a potential buyer they know virtually nothing about. They are surrounded by high ticket items such as, computers, stereos, televisions and jewellery, all tempting targets to thieves. It is so much easier for a criminal to pose as a buyer and gain entry to a target house where the agent has access to the key than to have to break in and beat the alarm system. The only thing standing between the criminal and a successful crime is the realtor.

In some cases the realtor is also the prize. In the USA over 200 real estate agents have been murdered in the past decade, many of them were women who were raped as well as murdered. Many more have been raped, assaulted, robbed and traumatized, yet have managed to escape with their lives. All too often though their lives are forever changed by post traumatic stress disorder and an inability to return to their profession.

“Real Estate – Real People, Real Risks” is a four hour seminar aimed specifically at the Real Estate Professional and is a part of the “Talking To Strangers” Sales and Safety System. The presentation addresses the risks faced by all RE Agents and provides practical and proven to be effective strategies and tactics that are easily employed to retain the upper hand when showing houses to potential customers. As well as a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the industry to be able to operate safely and effectively, the seminar will present proven strategies for minimizing the potential for harm and avoiding most of the risk and that remains. When all else fails, real world tactics for personal survival and escape are also included, based on the actual tactics used by surviving RE Agents in the past.

The seminar is an entertaining and informative event that will empower the real estate professional, allow them to take control and manage the scenario so that they maximise their chances of securing a sale while maintaining their safety and customer relationships. The seminar includes:

  • Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Listening To One’s Intuition
  • Real Life Real Estate Tragedies Analysed
  • How To Safely Show A Property
  • Safe Sales Systems That Enhance Both Sales And Safety Outcomes
  • Last Resort! Life Saving Tricks And Tactics

Before another real estate professional either in the USA or Australia/New Zealand is murdered just for doing their job, take some proactive action and offer your staff a chance to get the drop on what might never happen to them… but how would you feel if it actually did?

Real Estate – Real People, Real Risks – $1000 plus travel and accommodation at cost outside of Metropolitan Sydney. Suitable for up to 20 attendees, larger groups by arrangement as the presentation is very interactive and ‘hands-on’ for maximum instructional value.

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