Public Speaking

Very often a message delivered by someone from outside of your family, business, organisation or department will resonate more with the recipients than if you were to tell them yourself. Even if the very same words were spoken, it is just one of those things that people tend to take more notice of those they perceive as ‘expert’ when that person is not one of their own. The reality might be that their own expert is as qualified and experienced, perhaps even more so but the message is lost in the static of familiarity.

The solution is to use a subject matter expert from ‘out-of-house’ to get the message across. Perry Gamsby speaks to groups large and small about a range of topics surrounding personal and situational safety. These presentations are tailored to the audience and to the specific theme of the meeting or convention or designed to support other presentations and add weight to the main concept being put forward.

Perry has been instrumental in helping people and organisations manage both the consequences and process of change. For sales oriented groups Perry has assisted in improving their sales outcomes, enthused cold calling telemarketers and generally helped people be more professional in their attitude and approach. Customer relations and conflict resolution presentations are among his most popular and asked for deliveries. His clients and audiences have included State and Federal government departments and bodies, community groups, adult education venues, military and emergency services organisations, martial arts clubs and HR managers across a range of industries in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and South East Asia. Perry does not believe in compromising client confidentiality by publishing a client list and leveraging the good name of his clients as he offers a ‘No Hesitation’ full refund if a client is unsatisfied with his presentation.

Entertaining, funny, well researched and always worth listening to, a presentation by Perry Gamsby can be as short as a few minutes to as long as an entire day’s seminar or workshop.

Professional Fees

Research, Travel and Presentation of Original Material Tailored To Each Client’s Needs

15-60 minutes Within Metropolitan Sydney                                       $250 – $750

Outside of Sydney, travel accommodation and meals at cost

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