Personal Safety Presentations

2010′s ‘One Crowded Hour’ Series of Personal Safety Presentations

Key Note Speeches For Training Events, Group Meetings And HR Development Programs.

Each of the sixty minute presentations have been researched thoroughly for accuracy and relevancy with additional ‘homework’ performed prior to presentations to specific industry or government groups. Entertaining as well as educational, they make for excellent ice breakers at training seminars and annual conferences where there is a perceived need to get the audience thinking about consequences, risks, losses, rewards and just about anything related to health, safety and personal growth.

Perry works closely with the HR teams of his clients to ensure the material is very relevant to the specific group it will be presented to. This allows the inclusion of material that can neatly segue into the conference theme while still providing a respite from pure ‘shop’ talk.

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down! – PSP001/10

Discusses the psychology of confrontation and how to manage this all too common occurrence. Designed specifically for Customer Service staff and anyone who has to deal with the general public, especially when not in a position of authority.

60min $250

Missing the Bus! – PSP002/10

Personal protection is a state of mind – too many of us miss the bus and are left at the bus stop to become victims. Explores the core personal safety concept of Attitude+Awareness=Avoidance.

60min $250

How Safe Are You? – PSP003/10

An in-depth analysis of current crime trends and stats, tailored to the specific audience by vocation, location and demographic and presented as an entertaining yet informative ‘Intelligence Briefing’.

60min $250

When Good Kids Go Bad – PSP004/10

Why some teens turn bad, how to detect the signs and what to do about it. Aimed at both Parents/Teachers this is a very interactive and two way presentation that draws heavily on the experiences of the audience for anecdotal discussion points and to demonstrate the teaching points and tips.

60min $250

You’re Scared, I’m Scared, That’s OK – PSP005/10

Fear management and why we feel fear, how we can identify, address and redirect feelings of fear to achieve more positive outcomes. This presentation is valuable for everyday situations as well as extraordinary events and life threatening episodes.

60min $250

After Fight Aftermath – PSP006/10

Dealing with the post traumatic situation mindset – so many of us survive the danger only to succumb to the guilt, doubts and general discomfort often experienced after a traumatic situation. Survivor guilt and dealing with feelings of impotence and low self esteem are also addressed.

60min $250

When It’s OK to Walk Away – PSP007/10

Discusses the values we place on life and ‘honour’ and feelings of shame and inadequacy when common sense dictates it is wiser to back down than continue a confrontation to a violent conclusion. This presentation is similar to PSP006/10 while being tailored specifically for teenage and adult males

60min $250

Road Rage And Retail Rioting – PSP008/10

A humorous look at how irrational and angry people can be on the road or while out shopping. Drawing on real life incidents and outcomes, this presentation also educates as it entertains, dissecting individual examples and offering life saving solutions through an interactive forum style of debate.

60min $250

Any four Presentations attract a 50% discount if booked for same day/venue.

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