OK, I’ll Believe You…

Look closely at the ditch, then read the story.

This rather bizarre story from China has me wondering. Apparently the couple were riding a motorcycle and they came off and ended up trapped in a drain. OK, I’ll believe you. No, I’m sorry. I can’t swallow that. It takes a greater leap of faith for me than if I were to suddenly become a believer in one of the monotheist religions.

I don’t believe their story and I doubt anyone else does, either. That is, by the way, the handy thing about faith based beliefs, people will take your word for it no matter how weird and illogical the story might be. But when it comes to motorcycle accidents I don’t think so. I admit some strange things happen when people become separated from their motorcycle but this is going a bit too far, methinks.

In the Philippines new legislation has come into force (or soon will) to make it compulsory to wear a helmet that meets a set standard. That standard will be identified via a sticker. At present people wear construction site helmets and virtually anything else vaguely helmet like, but only if they are likely to be caught and fined. Even the motorcycle helmets that look the part wouldn’t pass a Snell test. Of course the helmets are cheap, just like the old saying points out. If you have a two buck head, put it in a two dollar helmet.

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous items. They are not the most stable at the best of times and they have a major flaw compared to cars. With a bike you wrap you around the steel instead of wrapping the steel around you. Having ridden motorcycles in Asia and elsewhere and having had a few bingles in my time, I can attest that gravel beats skin every time. I was fortunate in being professionally trained to ride in the Military Police and that training has stood me in very good stead many times over, all across Australia and Asia and America, even Europe and the UK.

If you have a good foundation then you will always get the benefit of that training and experience. If you cut corners you might save some time and money but it will come back to haunt you. You might not end up in a drain, jammed tight with your pillion passenger but no good will ever come from playing chicken with the Grim Reaper.

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