Now It’s Rainbows

An anti-homosexual group in St Petersburg, Russia, has alleged a milk carton depicting a man and a rainbow is obviously an attempt to convert children to homosexuality. Homosexual groups are, of course, seriously concerned about this after anti-homosexual propaganda laws were introduced there recently. First of all, homosexuals are people, just like heterosexuals. They are made that way and their only choice in the matter is to engage in same sex relationships or not. For many years they have been persecuted because of their orientation, so it is no wonder the more assertive in their community are active in addressing these matters, often to the other extreme which is what always happens regardless of the cause.

At first the word gay was taken and now is considered by many to only refer to homosexuals. Long gone are the days when it was in regular use by heterosexuals to mean happy, light hearted and so on. Now it appears rainbows, the symbol of the homosexual movement for equal rights, has been usurped. This time by the opposite side. What next? All representations of humans must be androgynous ? No more bumps, lumps or hair styles that can be labelled to identify a person as one or the other of the two sexes?

It was Euripides in umpteen hundred BC who said there are ‘three sexes, men who love women, women who love men and those who love their own kind’. Back then orientation was not considered grounds for discrimination, except perhaps when choosing a partner. As for the belief that homosexuals actively seek to corrupt young boys, far from it. I have known many homosexual men in my life and some have been very close friends, particularly those I served with in the army. Not one of them, once they learn I am heterosexual, has made any improper advance. As a 15 year old lad I often spent time alone with a homosexual couple who were friends of the family and I was safer with them than many of my parent’s other friends. I enjoyed their company as we shared similar interests in military history, both of them having served the Colours, one in the Royal Australian Navy, the other as a Royal Marine Commando.

One trip to Thailand in the 1990s found me at a street bar chatting to two Brits, both homosexual and both former Royal Marines as it happened. At the bar was a vile man forcing a Thai teenager to drink the local whiskey and fondling him in public. Before I could intervene one of the two ‘pooftas’ dealt with the man effectively, allowing the lad to escape. Both men had children of their own and despise such scum. From my reading of the subject, most pedophiles consider themselves heterosexual and those who prey on boys do not seek relationships with adult males, hardly the behaviour of your average ‘queer’.

Some years ago I presented a self defence seminar to volunteers of the Oxford Street patrol, a group set up to try and protect homosexuals from being assaulted while out for the night in that bastion of the ‘Gay community’. I opened the presentation with a barrage of invective like ‘poofta’, ‘fag’, ‘bum bandit’, ‘poo pusher’, ‘queer’, ‘ginger’, shirt lifter’ and so on. I warned they would be called this and worse and to ignore it. I asked what derogative names they had for heterosexuals and the only one offered was ‘breeders’. I thought at the time how that sums things up and indicated the average IQ of a homosexual is usually a few points ahead of the rest of the community. Trying to induce some aggressive spirit into this group of well-intentioned do-gooders was a task and a half as they were not inclined to violence, even in self defence it seemed. Of course just as many homosexual partners suffer the disgrace of domestic violence as heterosexual ones, per capita, yet it is often not reported and when it is too often it is laughed off or not seriously prosecuted.

Homosexuals are different to heterosexuals, but then left handers are different to right handers and tall people are different to short ones. Much as we need to reconsider our attitudes towards those with autism and aspergers as ‘just another kind of normal’, we need to change our thinking collectively towards homosexuals. Perhaps when we no longer hold such negative thoughts ourselves, they will no longer feel the need to agitate for reforms. I don’t agree with same sex marriage, preferring as many homosexuals actually do to reserve the word marriage for heterosexual union. But I wholeheartedly endorse allowing same sex couples to formalise their partnerships and enjoy the same rights and protection under our laws as I enjoy as a heterosexual married man. I admit I feel uncomfortable watching two men kiss, but that is my problem, not theirs. Many homosexual couples feel the same way about engaging in public displays of affection believing it to be private and personal. Until the day comes when we are required by law to practise homosexuality, let us all live and let live, ignore the revulsion one may feel when considering same sex activities and focus on our own behaviour rather than being so quick to condemn others’.


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