Not My Brand Of Honour

Shafilea Ahmad, rest in peace young lady.

A man in a rural part of India has beheaded his daughter with a sword because she brought shame on him and his ‘honour’. The marble miner, Oghad Singh, sat in the police station with the sword in one hand and his daughter’s head in the other. Even the police were sickened by this macabre sight.

Meanwhile in the UK the parents of murdered 17 year old Shafilea Ahmad have gone on trial for killing their daughter for being ‘too westernised’. The Pakistani born parents allegedly murdered their UK born daughter because she wanted to be like all her friends in a country she never asked to be born into, but that her parents went to some effort to move to and live in.

No doubt they fared better living in the UK than if they had remained in Pakistan and yet they repaid their adopted country by murdering one of her citizens. She was their daughter but what right did that give them to take her life? Offended their ‘honour’ by assimilating and wanting to be like everyone else in the community? What kind of ‘honour’ is that? Not the kind I value and neither do other decent people in the UK, Australia and even Pakistan and India.

What goes through these people’s heads? How can you take the life of your own children for any reason other than self defence in the heat of the moment? Brutal, premeditated murder is evil at any time but to do it to your own children and for the spurious excuse of them having offended your honour, beggars belief.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone from these countries thinks the same way, though many do. Judge each person individually, not collectively and try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

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