My Girls Are No Chick(en)s!

An 8 year old girl, playing in her front yard in Cabramatta was dragged into the street by a passing man. She managed to flee after kicking him in the shins. Good for you Miss! It shows that sometimes a kid can inflict sufficient damage to affect her release. Sadly, too often their attempts fail and sadder still when they offer no resistance whatsoever.

My two eldest girls have been told they can’t hit a schoolyard bully back after they are assaulted, self defence is not an excuse apparently. I have yet to take this up with the school but I have printed off a declaration for them to keep in their school bags. My instruction to my girls is to try and ignore the bully, then walk away and if that doesn’t work and they hit first, then hit back harder. I have taught them how and where to hit, palm heel strike under the chin or on the nose.

The declaration states “I was assaulted and I was in fear of my life. I acted in self defence. Contact my father…” and my name and numbers. Below that I have reproduced the NSW Crimes Act 1900 Sect 60E Assaults At Schools; Sect 61 Common Assault…; Sect 418 Self Defence When Available and Sect419 Self Defence Onus of Proof.

My children are citizens, deserving of the full protection of the law. ‘Any person’ includes 12 year old bullies from dysfunctional homes as much as any hardened criminal. I realise they are not considered criminally responsible under the law but my daughters have the right to protect themselves if assaulted and the law of the land outweighs the Education Department’s desire to keep their liabilty and premiums manageable.

If they won’t stand up for themselves at school when assaulted, why would they defend themselves against a child molestor? While I understand the message needing to be sent regarding schoolyard violence is one of zero tolerance, countermanding the rights of the citizen to defend themselves is not the answer.

It is not my fault if the bully comes from a broken home, has substance abusing care givers and no proper adult role models. My children are not there as some kind of therapy for the poor child. Charity begins at home and I believe in making sure first you are not a part of the problem, then seeing if you can help with the solution.

Sadly these bullies believe there is nothing adults can do to them so they flaunt this, abuse and assault even adults and then threaten them with the law if they take action. The ‘parents’ are little better educated than their primary school offspring and prone to resorting to foul language and physical violence themselves when confronted, it is all they know. All they understand is ‘might is right’. They neither respect civilized behaviour nor do they practise it. Hence the only appropriate response is to retaliate in a way they do understand, sadly that all too often means physically.

That said, if I ever find any of my kids  bullying and starting fights they will know the meaning of the word punishment. They know their parents will not stand for them sinking to the level of the kids they complain about. As for fighting, I believe when it is the most appropriate response then you fight like a savage, get it over with and win. Otherwise just curl into a ball and let them do as they wish… and that  is not our way, never has been, never will be.

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