Jumped Or Pushed?

Recently a South African woman ended up in hospital when her parachute failed to open correctly. She claims she saw the three previous jumpers all have problems with their chutes and refused to jump but… her instructor pushed her out of the plane!

Of course he denies this and says while they did circle a couple of times she jumped of her own volition. Someone is right and someone is wrong and my money would be on the woman unless she is trying to get a court settlement from the skydiving company.

This is a good example of paying attention! If you do see other people having problems with their chutes then by all means don’t follow them. I can;t see why an instructor would force someone to jump if he knew there were problems with the chutes but perhaps after seeing hundreds of new jumpers he was somewhat immune to the normal range of reactions and took her as someone who just needed a little help to achieve their goal.

Read the story for yourself here and tell me what you think.

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