It’s Always The Little Things That Really Count

Crash proof plastic garden chairs - of course

A lot of people think that when something goes wrong, such as they are in an accident or come in contact with criminal elements, that it is all down to one, identifiable and often major factor. The car hit the tree because the car went out of control is often heard or read. Actually the driver lost control of the car and that is why the car struck the tree. What made it happen was a series of minor incidents which taken by themselves would be harmless. However, as a part of the series of events leading up to the major one (the crash) they all had a part to play.

In this typical yet made up example, let us say the driver was tired. He had not been drinking but he did have a big meal of pasta after a long day at work and was heading home well after dark. It was raining and his tyres should have been replaced a thousand kilometres ago. His brake pads were new and well bedded in but his brake rotor discs were pretty rough and should have been skimmed at the last service when the new pads were fitted. It was a cold, wet night so he had the heater on and combined with the carb spike from teh big pasta dinner he was feeling tired and drowsy.

His attention was diverted by something rolling on the floor over in the passenger footwell, turned out to be a bottle his son had left under the seat a week ago. When he looked down to see what the cause of the noise was he started to veer in the direction of where he was looking, everyone does it when driving if they aren’t careful. As he looked up he realised he was almost on the verge so he corrected but the road was slippery and the car shifted its weight rather quickly so he corrected, then over corrected then saw he was almost on the bend and tried to brake and… lost control of the car.

Not one, single, major problem but a series of minor events, small problems and ‘little things’. All of which were preventable. Don’t eat a big meal when late and tired. Maintain the vehicle and change tyres, pads and skim rotors when needed. Make sure you save your money and budget properly so you do have the money for these things when you need it. Who would have thought good housekeeping and proper money management would have any bearing on one’s personal safety? But it does. Everything is interdependent.

The same goes for getting mugged. If you had thought about it you would have grabbed the cash you needed for the next day when you bought some groceries on the way home, just asked for ‘Cash out’. Saved the ATM fees and you wouldn’t have felt it necessary to drive to the ATM later that night. You might have chosen a better one than the convenient,plenty of parking available open one in the wall of the mall. You might have gone into an all night convenience store and used the one they have inside instead.

Simple choices, little things but all requiring a little thought and forward planning. What brings most of us down and into grief is ourselves. Our own laziness, ego or ignorance. If we pay attention to details, to the little things and we start to take an interest in our lives we can avoid so much hardship, heartache and harm. But too many of us muddle through from one day to the next, reacting.  Reacting puts you one step behind right from the start. Get proactive. Think ahead. Pay attention to details.

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