Ignorance, Not Racism

There is a report of a Sikh being asked to leave a Brisbane pub because he refused to remove his turban, despite the pub having rules against the wearing of headgear such as hats, caps etc. Now the owners of the pub (part of the Coles Group) are trying to find him to apologise. Not that he has complained but we must be seen to be taking action, heaven forbid we are accused of racism. Ignorance and stupidity is fine, but racism, never. It shouldn’t be hard to find him, just ask for Mr Singh. Oh, they are all called Mr Singh. Nevermind, these muzzi’s are all in the one spot. Muslim? Sorry, Sikhs are a very different kettle of fish, a totally different religion despite what the redneck idiots might claim on the Yahoo forum.

The turban is worn to maintain the hair in a manageable fashion. The Sikh never cut their hair on religious grounds. They keep it in a turban because they tend to find it gets in the way when soldiering or policing, two roles they have traditionally held for centuries. In the service of the British Commonwealth, Sikh troops fought bravely alongside our own in two world wars and won 14 Victoria Crosses. Lest We Forget. The turban is not a hat, although one could argue it is headwear and as such, it would be counter to the pub’s dress rules to wear it indoors. However, surely common sense would dictate that it is quite acceptable and very appropriate to make an exception in the case of a Sikh. That the gentleman apparently left without making a fuss tells us something of this race and their maturity, at least for this man on this occasion. Can you imagine if it were a yobbo with a baseball cap on sideways?

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