Idiot Filter At Work Again!

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What is it with Americans? How can a country that has put human beings on the Moon have so many idiots? Just this weekend four men and four kids were on a boat on a lake in the USA. One idiot pushes another one overboard, very funny. First idiot can’t swim, so in goes the second idiot to save him. What was he thinking? He can’t swim either. Neither could Idiots #3 and #4. #4 had the sense to grab a lifejacket but didn’t actually put it on. All four idiots’ bodies have been recovered.

The smartest people on board were the four kids aged from 2 to 9. They stayed on the boat and used a cell phone to call for help. If the other three adults had used half as much common sense they would have thrown a life jacket to the man in the water then called for help instead of emulating their Hollywood heroes and impulsively diving to the rescue.

First of all they should have been wearing the PFDs, personal floatation devices. Second, don’t play silly pranks on the  water. If you are not 100% sure the man can swim then how funny is pushing him to his death? Third, Man Overboard (MOB) drills should be practised. I always run them when I sail so even my kids know how to stop the boat and throw a PFD on a rope to the MOB. Getting me back aboard might be problematic for them at this age but one can always cling to the side until help arrives and I would never go far from potential help with the kids aboard and no other adults.

Getting back to Idiotsville, USA, while I can understand the first rescuer diving in, why did two more follow? What did they hope to achieve? I have to say I find this rather indicative of the American psyche. I find Americans to be generous and giving and often brave as lions. In this case too brave.  Their ‘hoo rah!’ fist pumping braggadocio way of doing things back fired because it lacked the basic skill of being able to swim. Surely that would be foremost in one’s mind when deciding on the best course of action? Apparently not and another easily avoided tragedy strikes. I wonder how those children will cope with this in later life?

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