I Don’t Have Any Problems

Just when I thought I might feel sorry for myself for some, at the time earth shattering issue…. I read about Connie Culp. I no longer have any problems. This poor woman was shot in the face by her husband in 2004. He is now out of prison and on parole but so what? She faces (no pun intended) the rest of her life with a face transplant. She is grateful to be alive, grateful for the transplant and taking life one day at a time. That, ladies and gentlemen, is courage. Too often we forget that once the ambulance drives off and the CSI guys solve everything in the next 45 minutes plus commercial breaks (that is an intended pun) it isn’t over for the victims of the crime.

Connie Culp has endured pain, ridicule and no doubt a loss of self esteem we can’t begin to imagine. Yet she is still punching back. That is the survivor mentality you need to make it sometimes. Have you got it? Have I? I hope I never have to find out.

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