Who Needs Suicide Bombers?

A disturbing ‘proof of concept’ experiment has made me think of another way we can be vulnerable to harm. A British scientist, Mark Glasson of the University of Reading has placed a microchip under his skin and infected it with a computer virus. Similar to the chips we use to tag pets with, this chip can open secure doors and turn on his cellphone.

So what if the chip becomes infected and infects the security door system for the entire building or establishment? Or it wipes out his phone’s memory and all stored data, numbers etc? That is possible and that is just if it is limited to those two applications. In today’s high tech world we all know that is not where this RFID Chip tech will stop.

What if Al Qaida send terrorists in, not with explosives strapped to their bodies and thus vulnerable to detection, but into your place of work where they wipe out the mainframe of your company’s computer system?  They could do it to the courts, the police, the railways, the airlines and just about everywhere they can get someone in as a legitimate employee.

The damage could be far worse than blowing up a bank full of people once. Wiping out the bank records and transactions would have far ranging consequences, including people committing suicide, losing their jobs, families breaking up and who knows what else.

The terrorist might never be identified and worse, they might come back for a second go months later with an up-gunned chip to overcome any security counter measures put in place after the last attack. In fact,t hey may have been on the team that wrote that code in the first place!

Far fetched? A little too Si-Fi for your taste? It is the here and now and it is something we need to at least be aware of and give some thought to. Perhaps in our disaster preparedness planning we have some options for complete computer malfuncton. After all I know I rely on the internet for my living, my communications and much more. Perhaps a good place to start is to review how vulnerable you are online?

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