How Ready Are You?

Few of us living in major cities and large urban centers rarely give any thought at all to how we would cope if a natural disaster were to strike. We figure State Emergency Services will be out there as usual doing the great work they do in all weathers, taking care of the holed roofs and fallen trees and within hours the blackout would be over, power will be restored and all is once again well in suburbia. But what if that doesn’t happen?

What if a storm the likes of which have never been recorded before slams into your suburb and takes off half your roof and does the same to nearly everyone else. The SES simply can’t cope all at once so it might be days before you get a tarp up there unless you and your neighbours do it yourselves. Perhaps the electricity is off for a couple of days and all your frozen food goes off, what will you eat? Small children in the house? How will they cope?

Being ready for what might never occur is a balancing act between being prepared and being paranoid. You need to start thinking about the possibilities versus the probabilities and I have started a new page to look at this facet of personal safety management in more detail. It is where I will include links to sites of interest such as the Ready Store. They sell all sorts of things to help you prepare for emergencies and they have a wealth of information so it is easier and more sensible to link to them than to repeat common sense tips on both sites. Click on the link and take a look, then check back for the new ‘Are You Ready?’ page.

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