How Much Cash Do You Have On You?

An Iraqi woman now living in Mildura was so traumatised by her experiences in that war torn country she didn’t trust banks. Instead she kept her life savings of some AUD$130,000 in her handbag and took it everywhere. Having been here nine years or so you might think she had gotten over her distrust of banks but sadly ,no.

One would be forgiven for thinking if you can accumulate that much money (she says it was for a deposit on a house) you would be hyper aware of it in your bag and hang on to said bag like grim death. Not so this lady. While shopping she left it in the shopping cart in the car park after loading the car and drove off! When she returned the bag was gone (surprise, surprise!) She was so distraught she needed to go to the hospital where she collapsed.

The police soon caught the thieves and recovered nearly AUD$100,000 just 48 hours later. They were dobbed in I believe, a tip off. The woman will be reunited with her cash and hopefully this time she’ll risk it in a bank.

Lessons to be learnt are many fold. Don’t carry large amounts of cash around with you, it is too easy to lose it. If you do, then look after it and don’t drive off leaving the bag behind. If I were one of the thieves I would claim I found the bag and was in the process of finding the owner. Of course that won’t wash but if you are stupid enough to throw thousands of dollars around when you are known as a habitual thief and welfare recipient…

Read about it here. This early headline calls it a bag snatch but technically it was a found bag not returned. To be honest I have very little sympathy for the woman, despite trying my best. Her daughter was interviewed on television and she spoke Australian accented English and although just 13 or 14 she was very switched on. Surely she could have advised her mother of her folly but perhaps culturally that isn’t done in their family? Perhaps the thirty grand or so she lost will be written off as an expensive education in common sense?

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