How Low Can They Go?

We recently had a 35 year old Canadian man attacked and beaten for several minutes at our local railway station. He was taken to hospital with depressed fractures of the skull. The police caught one offender and the other¬† handed himself in as he knew he wouldn’t last long on the run. He was 15, the first caught was 16. The man they brutally attacked was in a wheelchair. The lesson here, one among many, is that you can’t expect others to hold the same standards of decency and appropriate behaviour as yourself. You can’t allow a disability or attribute such as age, gender, health etc to keep predators at bay. I’m not for a moment suggesting this victim felt that way either, I am using his misfortune to press home a point.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of attacking anyone, much less a man in a wheelchair. These two did. We would never think of harming a pregnant woman with two small kids yet four teenage girls did that last year at our local mall. Old people, the blind, those on mobility scooters… none are safe just because they are already burdened with a handicap of sort sort.

Predators do not think like that. They see weakness as something to be exploited by them for their gain. They are like most bullies little more than cowards but too often their victims have not the wherewithal to resist adequately. Be aware of this and review your own vulnerability. Then start thinking possible scenarios and solutions.

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