How Do You Hotwire A Car?

If, for whatever reason, you had to steal a car, do you know how to do it? Do you know how to break in and hotwire it so you can drive it away? No? Well two 8 year old boys in northern Queensland do. They skipped school, ignoring direction by school staff to return and went joyriding. They stole two cars and drove them around until finally caught by Police.

Because they are under 10 the law deems they are not responsible for their actions. I always thought it was 6 but now it is 10. So no charge, no court appearence, nothing. Pity the poor car owners if any damage was done to their cars and no doubt some would have been. The school says they have suspended the boys for the rest of the term. Oooh! I bet that taught them a lesson!

The lesson would be that you can do as you please and there is nothing the establishment will do about it other than give you time off to get into more mischief and crime. For kids who probably hate school already and have little future anyway, what kind of punishment is suspension? What kind of home life do they have where they can learn how to steal cars? Where they even have the first inkling of ignoring authority and skipping school let alone stealing and driving away two cars? Eight years old!

When I was eight I knew right from wrong. I didn’t know how to drive a car let alone break into one or hotwire it and they were a lot simpler in 1969-70 than they are today. But I knew it was wrong to skip school and it was wrong to steal anything, especially a car. What has happened to society when kids no longer have any respect for anyone or anything? When they simply do as they please and know they are immune to punishment until they turn ten. Then at that age they know the punishment will be a joke and more a badge of honour or rite of passage than anything punitive.

If you hammer the parent and her partner when they are sober and not exercising their restraining orders against each other they will either take it out on the kid or someone else because they are too dumb to work it out as to who is really at fault. And society, read this the government, tells them it is never their fault and they deserve counselling, compensation and everything else the burgeoning social services industry can flog from the taxpayer, just vote for me next election.

I can’t see things changing for the better in the short term and the more PC we get, the more we’re afraid to dissent  just in case someone takes offense… the worse it will become. What if you caught two 8 year olds stealing your car and you tried to stop them? Next thing they have the police and social services around throwing you in gaol for assault, child molestation and whatever else. You will become the heinous criminal.   So first thing, make sure your car is too hard a target and send them looking elsewhere. Next, make sure there are no witnesses when you give them the ‘talking to’ their parent/carer/guardian should have.

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