Honeybee Leadership

On Wednesday night a leader and mentor of mine, Dr Greg Nazvanov, invited me to speak at the Honeybee Leadership Dinner at the Apprentice Restaurant in Ultimo. The assembly of some 100 or so business people and academics were treated to a presentation about Honeybee Leadership from Dr Harry Bergstein of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Institute for Sustainable Leadership. I spoke about my death in 2009 and the leadership shown by the surgical and nursing teams of St Vincent’s Hospital, as well as how that led to my becoming a full time writer, doing what I love for a living.

Dr Greg Nazvanov is a leading financial adviser here in Sydney and someone worth listening to when he has something to say. In fact, all the people I met at this high powered event, organised by Greg, were worth listening to. He included a representative from the Army Reserve to educate employers as to how fortunate they really are to have Reservists working for them. Apart from the $1200 a week the Army Reserve pays the employer while their employee is away serving their country and developing priceless leadership skills, there are the skills themselves they bring back to the workplace. Sgt Amanda, I forget her surname and I do apologize, made a very definite impact on this audience and I am confident many went away keen to hire a Reservist for their next vacancy! I served in the Ares in 1977 aged 15 (lied about my age) and again when I left the Regular Army in 1985 and I have to say they are every bit as good as the regulars and I would have one beside me in business or battle any day.

We also heard from Mario Frapiccini who is a personal trainer and had recently returned from trekking in Nepal. He looked so fit I reckon he ran back from Kathmandu! Then Tony Morris took the floor and he engaged the audience with his craft, that of interpreting body language. All in all it was a terrific event and a great opportunity to network. I have met some top people through it and am already teeing up more work and making some great connections.

As for honeybee leadership, suffice to say I am a convert. Visit the web site and read up on the concept. It is how it should be here in Australia. One day, perhaps it will be.

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