Hi-Tech To The Rescue!

Pity she didn't have this 'Toe Mouse' to make message sending easier when tied up!

A  woman, bound up by a robber, used her feet to send a message to her boyfriend to send help. This woman had the presence of mind to convince the robber not to steal her laptop saying it contained a tracking device. She then persevered until she was able to tap out a message to her boyfriend for help. I doff me lid to her! I wonder how long she might have remained tied up if she hadn’t been able to summon help like that?

Meanwhile in Manila, the Philippines, Police have used Facebook and Twitter to track down a gang of upscale young criminals who prey on the well to do to fund their drug habits. The Philippines National Police also used the internet recently to track down a computer technician suspected of murdering several foreign residents and their Filipino wives and domestic staff.

So it seems the Internet can be used for good rather than evil! Google will be pleased.

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