Heil Bieber

I just watched the Justin Bieber free concert down at Circular Quay. I tuned in to see thousands of arms raised in nazi-like salutes, only they were holding their mobile phones up, video recording the concert. I can only think there are now some 2,500You Tub clips of a smudge on stage and a lousy sound track of a simple song sung by a simple lad hoping his voice doesn’t break at the wrong time. Thank gawd he got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle. Not that we can say that for copycat Jack Vidgen, winner of one of the multitude of talent shows infesting our airwaves at present. Jack and his hair recently appeared at our local venue, the Rooty Hill RSL club. The notice board had been advertising his July 14 appearance for over 6 weeks and still was when I drove past on the 17th. Someone thinks he’s bigger than I do. Same for Bieber. I bet they held up their cell phones for him, too. The first incidence of this was at Woodstock in 1968, then for Yoko Ono in Toronto in 1969 when the crowd were asked to light up matches to welcome her Plastic Ono Band on stage. After Bic released their lighters in 1973 it was burnt thumbs for everybody and today, cell phone videos. Of course there is a rumour Apple have developed an app to shut down any iPhones being used to record concerts, so the promoters can sell the DVD of the performance, of course. Hey, I would always prefer a free, crappy, fuzzy cell phone recording over buying a high quality digital version….

I’m sure both lads are nice people and both are being well managed to make someone a motza, Hopefully they get their fair share. I noticed how the young girls of today carry on just as those in the 1930s did over Bing Crosby, 1940s with Frank Sinatra, 50s and Elvis Presley, 60s and the Beatles, 70s and Bay City Rollers, 80s and INXS, 90s and INSERT NAME OF BOY BAND, ANY BOY BAND and the 2000s and … I lost track. Sorry but I m 50 and no longer care about popular music, I never listen to it. I remember the music of my teens and twenties best, we all do. It was influential and formative. But I never went ga-ga over the performers; that is a teen chick thing. Must be down to the hormones.

The point is, don’t blame Justin, or his shadow Jack. They are just the latest thing in a line of bread and circuses going back before Nero played with matches. As someone said to me once, ‘you can never underestimate the lack of good taste in the average citizen’ and who teenage girls get gooey over and reality TV is the living proof. I take great pride in boasting my teenage daughter and the four sub-teens are as non-plussed over Justin et al as I am. They also share my views on imaginary friends and mythical supernatural omnipotent icons. Now is that nature or nurture?

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