Hans Schultz – A Victim of Government Disassociation?

The scene of the crime

On the weekend here in Sydney 69 year old Hans Schultz was brutally bashed to deathwhen he attempted to stop a couple breaking into a Wendy’s kiosk at a Broadway mall. The two charmers had two kids with them, aged 3 and 5, who witnessed the whole thing. The offender’s allege they were just trying to get a child’s ball that had rolled into the closed kiosk. OK, so why beat up the security guard? Even if he yelled at them, mistakenly thinking they were trying to break into the kiosk, that is no justification for assaulting him. Stop, explain and leave. If you have a problem with the attitude and behavior of the lone, 69 year old guard, make a complaint like a civilised person. But these people aren’t civilised, are they? They are important!

Vale Mr Hans Schultz. Schlaffen Gut

The man, Gallagher, 32 and his 27 year old bint, Azrashkova are probably typical examples of the angry, I want it all and I want it now mob that taints the good name of GenY. So what if they were after a child’s ball and not breaking in, how does that excuse their violence? Yet in their minds and the mind of the mother of the woman this no doubt makes perfect sense. It is their excuse, to transfer blame and responsibility for something going wrong onto the victim and by extension, the government, society, the world. perhaps in this case, though, the government have a case to answer.

At 69 Hans Schultz should be able to live comfortably enough on his aged pension. He has been in Australia for more than 50 years and worked and paid his taxes and by all accounts was a nice bloke. He was still working at 69 because he couldn’t afford to live on the pension. But few can. It only takes one divorce in your mid forties to clean you out and leave you no chance to recover enough savings and assets to make it to retirement. The NSW government will not allow professional boxers to compete under all the regulations and restrictions of the sport once past 35 years of age, or at least that was the limit when I was a registered professional boxing/kickboxing trainer in the 1990s. Yet it is ok for an unarmed man nearly seventy years of age to be expected to deal with the scum of society on a daily basis and to do so within the law, while they can break every law they can get away with.

The treatment of the aged was rubbish under Howard and has not improved under Rudd or the ‘Ranga as we affectionately call our red headed first female Prime Minister. While Gina Rinehart whines about wanting to bring in thousands of foreign workers to mine our resources for her $2 million an hour income, the people who made this country worth living in are treated like dross. If you had private income such as super it has been eaten away by the greed of the 1% and their games on the stock markets. If you relied on the government to return a portion of your income taxes paid over decades as a decent, liveable pension, then you are fooling yourself. While the backbenchers of parliament just voted themselves a payrise to some $180K a year, pensioners struggle by in a time of rising costs for everything with just a few hundred a fortnight.

There’s not enough public housing available and what there is goes to drug addicts, parolees and minorities to assuage the PC guilt. Politicians and the big end of town don’t care about the price of petrol as they put it on their expense accounts and leverage it as a tax deduction anyway. The system is set up by the rich for the rich and the rest of us pay for it, one way or another.

Well on the weekend Mr Hans Schultz paid for it with his life. Shame, politicians of every ilk, shame! None of you have done enough and too few have done anything at all except feather your own nests and make sure your six figure salaries are safe. Bastards!

2 Responses to “Hans Schultz – A Victim of Government Disassociation?”

  • PETER:

    u are correct , but the minute a woman is involved in this type of crime you know its drugs , they are also looking for another woman carting a kid around . female drug addicts are twice as bad as the male ones , heroin addicts for sure , these people are not professorial valuers,they steal anything in the end hoping to get today’s hit ,
    as the adds used to say , girls can do anything , that’s right except make money , women could not make 5 dollars unless a man gave it to them , so female druggies are more likely to be involved in crime than the male ones

  • I was wondering what you attitude to women was, Peter. I knew you hated people of colour, Jews and homosexuals and now, as I am not surprised, you hate women too. I’m sorry you feel that way, hatred really just eats up the hater, not the hated.

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