Fight Back!

Yet another of our children have been attacked by the sad, pathetic portion of the public that has so little self esteem, self worth and self respect they feel the need to exert power and control over those they perceive as weaker than themselves. To their minds this empowers them and makes them feel less worthless, despite the fact they deliberately choose those they feel won’t hurt them back.

Which is why when the ‘victim’ does fight back the vast majority of times the predator flees the scene. The mindset that creates this belief that they will be empowered by assaulting another person can’t see the reality or the irony that they aren’t really more powerful if only because of their choice of victim. They fall back to their base character and that is a loser. A useless, gutless, good for nothing, everything everyone has said about them is true nobody.

For some it means their next victim will be even more vulnerable, at least appear to be so. These scum bags aren’t stupid, they learn from their mistakes and their survival instincts are honed sharp enough to ensure they rarely make the same mistake twice. Not that any of that should stop anyone from defending themselves, far from it. You fight the battle you are in right now, don’t worry about anyone else’s battles to come. Survival is very, very personal. It is all about you, right then, right there because in these situations you are on your own. You can’t rely on anyone coming to your assistance and you have micro seconds to regain the initiative and then shatter his element of surprise with a determined, aggressive response.

You can prepare for this right now by deciding as you read this that you will not be a helpless victim and that you will not go down without a fight. In a dynamic assault like this one there are no options other than a far more aggressive and intensely violent counter attack. He has not left you the option of talking your way out or dissuading him verbally and your Triple A Rating (Attitude + Awareness = Avoidance) has been down graded because you weren’t sufficient paying attention to be aware and avoid.

Predators have plenty of time to identify their prey. Then they isolate them and either interrogate or go straight into the annihilation (attack). It is the interrogation stage where one can very often turn the tables non-violently but in too many cases you simply don’t get the chance. That’s when you hit the ‘ON!’ switch and become the most savage human animal in the fight. If there is enough surprise and fear present you will have no trouble at all responding with sufficient savagery, trust me. Those who don’t,  become victims, then headlines and finally just statistics.

Photo: Copyright Premier Martial Arts 2010

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