Electricity Makes Life Easier

An 80 year old woman in South Carolina was tasered by police when they tried to calm her down. She was naked and quoting passages from the Bible, grounds for excessive force in my book. (kidding) I always give the cop on the spot the benefit of the doubt but in this case I have trouble accepting it was necessary to risk using umpteen million volts on an octogenarian lady swinging a metal topped cane. There were several officers present and it wasn’t like she had a gun. I know how lethal a walking stick can be, I teach the use of one in self defence but that also means I know the limitations of the weapon. Surely she could have been disarmed and wrestled to the ground? Even capsicum spray would be less risky than the Taser.

Many opponents of the stun gun have cited numerous incidences where much younger and seemingly stronger offenders have died after being tasered. Of course they should obey the instructions of the police but if they are mentally disturbed as no doubt this woman was then they wont listen to reason no matter who gives the orders. I accept the Taser is a good substitute for firearms in many situations and it fills the gap between batons, pepper sprays and bullets. But too many may resort to it simply to simplify the situation. What do you think? Should they have zapped the old bible bashing biddy in her birthday suit?

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