Double Standards, Glass Ceilings

Once again women cop it for being women. In Costa Rica a member of parliament and Deputy Minister for Youth, Karina Bolanos has been sacked because a personal video of hers taken over 5 years ago showing her on a bed and in her underwear was broadcast online. Nothing said about the computer engineer Bolanos alleges stole the file off her private computer and then used to blackmail her. Who is the criminal here? A young, attractive woman who has a private video that has nothing to do with her public role becomes the victim of some macho wanker and she is the one to lose her job. She is the one to be publicly embarrassed. She is the one who suffers and of course, the slant is that she is immoral and not fit to be DM of Youth. What rubbish! What macho madness!

If it had been a male deputy minister he would be winked at and back slapped and told what a stud he was and at worst he would receive a slap on the wrist. His morality would never be in question. His ethics, his decency would never be on trial. But because Bolanos has a vagina, she gets spat out and tossed on the heap! It is bloody wrong and yet it happens all the time and not just in religion infested places where medieval misogynistic mindsets still rule. The money making mob known as ‘the church’ (pick any one you like, they all make a ton of cash, tax free) have a vested interest in maintaining ancient and unfair hierarchies, the same for those who twist Islam to their own ends. If it were in the Tribal Areas of Waziristan I could understand but Costa Rica? Sadly it happens here in our society also and this two faced insult to gender equality needs to be stamped out wherever it rears its head.

Think about it fellas…. if it is good that she ‘puts out’ for you how can she be a slut if she ‘puts out’ for someone else next time? Yet it is fine for you to sow your wild oats with as many women as you can? That line of thought never made sense when I was a teenager in the 1970s and it will never make sense. It is wrong. Treating a woman differently than a man over the same issues is wrong, whether biased for or against. If a female member of parliament used public funds to pay for prostitutes for her gratification would it be any worse than the male ones we have standing accused of the same crime now? You bet it would be. Huge media beat up. The male transgressor just has to have his wife say how she forgives him or stands by him as he attempts to clear his name. Imagine if the female MP had her partner stand up for her? Blokes would think he is a wuss, less a man and all that while we applaud Mrs MP for standing by her man. What a two faced, double standard society we are!

There are two things men are better at than women. One is lifting heavy things and any smart woman will easily charm a bloke into doing it for her. the other, standing up to urinate, is vastly overrated.

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