Cook Me Some Eggs, Woman!

I remember years ago watching ‘Jake The Muss’ beat his wife up because she refused to cook some eggs for his drunken mates in the movie “Once Were Warriors“. Of course the bashing wasn’t about the eggs. Similarly in Kentucky this weekend a man shot his wife and four witnesses dead with a 12 gauge shotgun because she didn’t cook his eggs properly. That wasn’t about the eggs either.It’s never about the eggs. The eggs, or the door left open or the kid staying out late or whatever the ‘reason’ may be is only the spark that lights the fuse. The explosion was building up for some time and just needed that final trigger to set it off. In this case it was eggs. Next time, who knows?

You can often avoid such explosions of violence by being aware of what went on before you arrived with your frypan and tray of cackleberries. Not every time, but often enough. It is never about the eggs. Keep that in mind.

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