Common Sense Prevails

The remote Texas farm where the crime took place.

I’m pleased to report that the man who killed the individual sexually assaulting his young daughter has been informed there will be no charges laid against him. In a nutshell he was advised a man had taken his 5 year old daughter into some bush and was sexually assaulting her. He beat the man around the head and neck and the man died. No great loss in my book. While I don’t condone excessive violence, one must understand that the punishment may just have matched the crime in this case. That poor girl will forever be changed by this evil act. Flores, the rapist, has had his life forever ended. Sadly the father will also have to live with this and the rest of the family. All those lives affected because of one individual.

Flores may have been mentally ill, how else can you explain such disgusting conduct? No explanation can excuse it, though.

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